Big 5 Test

The Big 5 can be a valuable test to gauge your current or present personality and how your life has currently shaped you. The Big 5 has nothing to do with how you would like to be or what you think is better. The Big 5 tracks your outgoingness, openness to experience, agreeableness, conscientiousness and neuroticism.

In this test, outgoingness is defined as wanting to live an active, quick-paced and eventful life. Openness is to want to learn new things, to get new information, and to consider different thoughts and opinions. Agreeableness is to have a positive regard towards people and life, where people can be trusted and where life appears to be getting better overtime.

Conscientiousness is to want to do well in the tasks you take on, and to want to work hard and to invest energy to do things in a good way. Neuroticism is finally to struggle with anxious thoughts and chaotic emotions, and to find your emotions hard to manage.

1.I tend to make decisions quickly
2.I am constantly changing my mind
3.I see people in a very positive way
4.I tend to put in a lot of effort into what I do
5.I often experience doubt or anxiety
6.I tend to be more sceptical than optimistic
7.I need evidence before I change my mind
8.I wait and see before I make decisions
9.I check and double check to make sure things are right
10.I become emotional or anxious easily
11.I like being around and working with people
12.I am very curious
13.I try hard to make sure things are right
14.I can think rationally and calmly about a situation
15.I tend to always have something going on
16.I tend to be friendly and accomodating to other people
17.I am always studying or learning new things
18.I am always working hard to improve at what I do
19.I tend to always need something to do
20.I find it hard to control my feelings
21.I tend to think a lot before I act
22.I tend to rush through work
23.I tend to be sceptical towards people
24.I am hesitant to consider new ideas and alternative opinions
25.I tend to be calm and relaxed

Why The Big 5 Is NOT The MBTI

Why The Big 5 Is NOT The MBTI

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