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ISTP – The Fixer

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Gifted with patience and a bright mind, you see easy and swift solutions to any problem that comes up. You’re spontaneous and always ready to take action. ISTPs think in terms of moves and countermoves. If this happens, then I do that. 
They are instinctive problem solvers but have no problem taking their time to make sure everything is right. Preferring to take a rational and practical approach to life, you like to keep things running smoothly, making sure you stay on top of any issue that comes up. 
At other times, you can lack foresight and struggle to think about long-term consequences. At times, you might keep things easy for yourself, choosing whatever feels best in the moment. Luckily, you’re resilient enough to deal with the consequences and flexible enough to think on your feet if this comes back to bite you.
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O – Openness to experience

42.5 out of 100

C – Conscientiousness

47.5 out of 100
Conscientious types tend to be more focused and prefer to plan and schedule their day. They are also less likely to change their plans and prefer to stick to an agreement or plan once they have committed to one. Conscientious types tend to take a longer time to solve a problem or work on something and care more about making it “perfect”. People with low conscientiousness don't mind being a little messy. They may take the day as it comes and might be more spontaneous.

E – Extraversion

17.5 out of 100
Extraversion or Outgoingness is a measure of how social you are and how easy it is for you to open up and engage other people. If you score high on this, that suggests you live an active and fast-paced lifestyle and that you are curious and open to new people. If you have a lower score on this, that suggests you might be Introverted. Introverts are in the Big 5 shy or reserved and more careful around new people.

A – Agreeableness

42.5 out of 100
Agreeable people tend to come off as friendly or warm. They are more forgiving and understanding and tend to put other people at ease. They trust other people easily and tend to have a more positive outlook to life. Disagreeable people tend to be more critical or pessimistic, and are better at saying no. They might be more hesitant or distrustful of others and need proof to be sure before they do something.

N – Neuroticism

82.5 out of 100
Neurotic people tend to experience less Flow and tend to be more bothered by negative feelings. They dwell longer on problems and feel overall more uncertain or worried than most. When you are a neurotic person, you might focus on issues before you allow yourself to relax or smile. You might be more sensitive to stress and take longer to feel calm and relaxed, or you might be more shy or nervous in social situations. A person with low neuroticism tends to experience Flow more often. They are more emotionally stable and feel more confident about themselves than neurotic types. They may however sometimes overestimate themselves.

This is a personality test inspired by the Big 5/OCEAN/Five Factor model of personality psychology. The Big 5 can tell you many things about your behaviour and lifestyle and can be used to predict a lot about your behaviour and personality. Are you more creative and curious or are you more laid back and traditional? Are you more outgoing and chatty or are you more shy or reserved?

The Big 5 can give you a small indication to your most likely Myers Briggs Personality Type, and the best thing is that its traits are backed up, statistically consistent and easy to understand, test and measure. That means your test can be described as more accurate than most online personality tests. It does really describe you, and your behaviour, and actions, provided you answer honestly.

Learn more about The Big 5 personality test here.

12 thoughts on “Big 5/OCEAN Test”

  1. I literally have always got INFP for years. Did this and got ISFP for first time ever?

    Hey I’d love to be the artist, I am an artist. But I’m very INFP I reckon. So not sure why I get the ISFP result here? I suppose ISFP are still healers and very much similar to what I am. But would like to know which I definitely am? Just did test again to double check and even when I was much more direct in my answers I still got ISFP. Interesting.

  2. Erik, I’ve read a few of your articles and listened to a few of your videos on my type, the INFP, and I must say that you are by far the most insightful writer on INFP’s I’ve listen to read thus far.

    Your insights make me feel truly seen and that hardly ever happens. Thank you for applying your talents to personality type, seeing the best in others and helping us to be our higher selves. You’re a very much appreciated. Truly, thank you.

  3. I just did the test again accepting my stressfulness and got O-72.5%, C-50%, E-12.5%, A-67.5%, N-80% but I still get INFJ which is not correct. I thought 80% neuroticism would change my result to INTP but it didn’t work. It seems a high agreeableness doesn’t match INTPs, which I think is wrong because I’m a nice, positive and agreeable INTP.

  4. I’m an INTP for sure but got INFJ in this test. O-70%, C-50%, E-17.5%, A-77.5%, N-42.5%. In what way is this not compatible with INTP? Because I’m agreeable and not so neurotic? I’m an optimist, trust people and have a hard time saying “no” but I’m a critical thinker and need proof to be sure before I do something or accept some body’s argument. Maybe I’m more neurotic than I believe to be and that’s why I got the wrong type? Could be. I’ll try it again trying to score higher in the questions related to stress.

  5. Got INFP on Big5 and ENFP with your standard test. Im incline to stay at INFP after swinging btw: INTP, INFJ, ENFP ( I/E 50%-50%) for couple of years ( what throws me is the INFJ ghosting that im so so good at ) INTP i get when im in stressful life situations.. but it is very clear change of attitudes ( within me ) btw INFP and INTP states. ( ( ENFP i state when im very happy with life). I love MBTI. and i have been long time listener of your YouTube channel. Huge thanks for your passion

    1. Oh what?! I just got ISTJ on your big 5 test! Every single mbti or big 5 test I have ever taken (at least 30!), including your mbti test has put me as a strong INFJ. How has this got me as an ST? The S I am particularly interested by as that’s such a problem for me. I got low S marks on your mbti test… actually I got zero for SE! I know these two tests are different but this is hugely different. I’d rather be an ISTJ though I can’t lie.

  6. Hmm. I looked up the cognitive functions of an ENFP and they don’t fit me? Can you please help me finally figure it out… i have literally been diagnosed as every feeler under the sun. I just wanna know hat I am

  7. Not exaggerating, I’ve taken the MBTI test on various websites for the sixth time now(just wanted to be sure), and yes, I always get INFP, so I guess I am indeed an INFP, confirmed haha 😀

  8. This is amazing! Your videos and blogs are amazing! Thank you, Erik. I also got INTP on this test as well. This helped me a lot in finding ways on how to control my anxiety and lower my neuroticism.

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