Cognitive Function Test

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Everyone is intelligent in their own little way. This test will teach you that there are multiple forms of intelligences and abilities. Most people are specialised to have certain talents that are relatively stronger than their other talents. 

This is not a general intelligence test and it doesn’t test out exactly how intelligent you are, but it shows you what your strengths are. You can’t use it to boast or brag but only to recognise strengths and weaknesses in your life. After the test, use the links to read up on some of your strengths and some of your weaknesses. 

What could you do to become more talented in areas that are important to you? And how can you compensate for weaknesses in certain areas? And most importantly, what can you do to excel the most in the areas you are strongest in? I believe we’re not all meant to be average and balanced. I believe it’s okay to have a preference or a special superpower. A jack of all trades is a master of none. To seek to be average is to seek to be mediocre. Let me know if you agree or disagree with this statement. 

This is not an MBTI Test. The results are not a reflection of your flow type, but rather, your development.

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1.I am a talented strategist and decision maker *
2.I am good at maintaining an active and busy lifestyle *
3.I find it easy to understand myself and my own emotions *
4.I am good at philosophy and existential thought *
5.I have a strong ethical compass and usually know what I want *
6.I am good at thinking up smart ways to structure and organise my life *
7.I am good at reading other people’s mood and feelings *
8.I am skilled at puzzles and pattern-recognition *
9.I am an effective negotiator and diplomat, able to find win-win solutions for everyone *
10.I am a highly focused and patient person *
11.It’s easy for me to understand status and the hierarchy in a group *
12.I find it easy to remember the names and faces of the people around me *
13.I have a knack for tactics and good at thinking up counter moves or counter arguments *
14.I am good at thinking up smart and unexpected ideas and alternatives *
15.I am good at analysing and troubleshooting things that aren’t working *
16.I make sure I prepare and know all the facts and details *
17.I find it difficult to make and stick to long-term decisions *
18.I’m a disorganised and unstructured person *
19.I find it hard to know what other people feel or want *
20.I find it difficult to adjust to new situations *
21.I find it hard to make ethical considerations and to know my own feelings *
22.I can be somewhat passive and withdrawn from most situations *
23.I struggle to explain and understand my own emotions and personality *
24.I find it hard to understand abstract concepts and theories *
25.I struggle to communicate and negotiate with other people *
26.I can be somewhat narrow minded and inflexible *
27.I find it difficult to analyse numbers and figures *
28.It’s difficult for me to study and prepare ahead of something *
29.It’s difficult for me to argue with and compete with other people *
30.I struggle to sit still, wait and be patient with things *
31.I find it hard to understand and adjust to the hierarchy and rules of a group or workplace *
32.I struggle to understand and pay attention to my surroundings *
33.I can make decisions in a quick and effective manner *
34.I can act quickly and I have good reflexes *
35.I am good at pinpointing people’s deeper underlying drives and intention *
36.I am talented at coming up with a theoretical explanation *
37.I am good at being honest and sincere with others *
38.I am good at setting up an event or planning a situation *
39.I am talented at forming bonds and relationships with others *
40.I am good at understanding patterns and abstract concepts *
41.I am good at communicating and making people understand my point of view *
42.I have a skill for maintaining focus on an idea no matter what happens around me *
43.I have good leadership and execution skills *
44.It’s easy for me to find my way around any city or environment *
45.It’s easy for me to identify weak points or problems with a plan or an argument *
46.I am good at advising and managing a change or transition process *
47.I am good at explaining how something works and where it could improve *
48.I am good at studying up and remembering a process or instructions *
49.I feel so strongly about things, that I would not adjust to any laws or reasons *
50.I have so many ideas and things going on that my environment becomes easily cluttered and chaotic *
51.I tend to be oblivious to what other people want or feel *
52.My mind is so made up, I can often ignore or miss out on changes or new information *
53.I would put the law and reason above my personal feelings *
54.I tend to stay focused on my own thoughts even if someone is trying to get my attention *
55.I tend to always be busy and occupied with something *
56.I tend to be the loud and chatty one in the group *
57.I can be blunt and often disregard the group in my decisions *
58.I stick to a routine and often miss or ignore options and alternatives *
59.I focus on what I like or find most positive before I consider critical factors *
60.I tend to rush through details and skip immediately to the end *
61.I tend to stay neutral in conflicts or arguments, I am not very specific *
62.I am hypervigilant to sounds and noises in my surroundings *
63.I am impractical and struggle to put my ideas to practice *
64.I am good at visualising something, even if I haven’t seen it before *

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