Four Elements Test


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In the world, there are four elements. Ketek, representing mass, atoms, and the physical, and his twin brother, Drak, symbolising force, fire, and heat. Lapis, present in all water, liquid, and emotions, and Mira, representing air, thought, and gas. Those are the four elements that make up life. Learn the story of the elements.

I made this personality test to discuss the old theory of the four elements. Can the world be described as a combination of these four elements? Can we use the elements to describe our personality, mindset, and energy? Join the community and discuss your results here.

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1.A big election is coming up and everyone is tied between two primary parties, and you… *
2.You and your friends won $1000 and you want to spend it on a nice vacation together. Are you… *
3.It’s more important for you to… *
4.I tend to be more… *
5.My ideal vacation is… *
6.At work, I’m… *
7.My friends would describe me as… *
8.When Erik Thor or one of his annoying fans told you to take this test you were like… *
9.Your energy is… *
10.I prefer… *

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