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Erik Thor’s Enneagram Personality Test

Mid-May HotFix (1.05)

I believe everyone has a soft-wired mindset or life story. Your life story tells you how to feel, think, and act. It is your worldview and your belief frame and how you consciously perceive the world. The Enneagram lists your base insecurities and drives.

By studying your mindset, you can take more control over the story you tell yourself, becoming better at deciding for yourself who you want to be. While we all have had different experiences in our childhood, and while these experiences certainly change us and influence our behaviour, we have some control to decide what we want to do about these situations.

We are not mindless lifeforms who simply react to the world around us, we are also proactive individuals that make decisions every day. Learn more about The Enneagram here!

The test takes about 5 minutes and follows classic scientific parameters to measure your type, but the Enneagram is not a scientific system and the Enneagram can not objectively prove what is inside your complex mind or how to define your personality. Look at your strongest results and study up on and reflect on your personal mindset and think about the story you’ve always told yourself. Is it true? Is it only partially true? Would you like something to be different? 

Good luck finding your Enneagram Type!

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1.I go into a situation carefully and critically, focusing on things that need to be fixed *
2.It’s important for me to do good things for others. I try hard to receive compliments and praise from others *
3.It is important for me to accomplish more than the people around me *
4.It is most important to me that I can do things my own way regardless of what others think *
5.It is really important for me that I can fit in and adjust to the social norms of the group *
6.I am slightly rebellious, I tend to question norms and orders *
7.I believe in safety, I think it is better to follow the law and the norms *
8.I tend to think about things forever, I am always inside my own head *
9.I prefer to be careful, balanced and conservative. It is better to take your time and wait your turn. *
10.I’m imaginative and curious. I’m always thinking about what’s next. *
11.I tend to be aggressive and direct, facing problems in a straight forward manner *
12.I believe in being gentle, diplomatic and careful. *
13.I believe it’s better to keep your head and the ground and think logically and critically about a situation *
14.I spend most of my time thinking about other people, I tend to forget about my own needs *
15.I am prepared to say or do anything to become successful *
16.I tend to be sceptical of others and don’t like to let other people come close *
17.I’m afraid of being different or being an outsider *
18.I’m afraid of being stuck or getting too attached *
19.I’m afraid of risks and unanticipated changes *
20.I get anxious in loud or busy environments *
21.I tend to be sceptical of new ideas and new information *
22.I find structure and guidelines to be tiresome and restricting *
23.I find it hard to be patient and gentle with others *
24.I find it difficult to say no and be firm with others *

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