Erik Thor’s Enneagram Test (5 min)

Winter Edition 2019 Enneagram Test

I built this personality test to help people figure out which Enneagram Type or Instinct is their core drive in life. The test asks you about your normal emotional patterns. It can show you what your life path is. It describes how you naturally have learnt to deal with people and life.

Have you ever wondered why some people will choose to smile and laugh at a problem, and others will choose to get upset? Some say your Enneagram is rooted early in your childhood. Others say it is decided even before you’re born. Most believe your Enneagram type will be the same for most of or the entirety of your live. A few believe your Enneagram Type can change. What Enneagram type or instinct are you and what do you believe?

Good luck finding your Enneagram Type!

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1.I tend to be easygoing, relaxed, hard to upset *
2.I am often tense, controlled, focused *
3.I tend to be passionate, warmhearted and direct *
4.I tend to be caring, supportive, friendly *
5.I tend to be busy, active and fast-paced *
6.I am generally passive, careful, sceptical *
7.I am social, chatty and popular *
8.I tend to be flirty and personal *
9.I am generally withdrawn, disinterested, private *
10.I am thoughtful, sceptical and reflective *
11.I tend to be concerned, worried and careful *
12.I am enthusiastic, curious and interested *
13.I am driven, headstrong and willful *
14.I am scattered, flexible and everywhere at once *
15.I am critical, reformistic and improvement oriented *
16.I am cheerful, supportive and nice to everyone *
17.I tend to be optimistic and positive and eager to prove myself *
18.I am nice and open-minded towards everyone *
19.I tend to be deep and intense in conversations *
20.I am reserved and suspicious of new people *
21.I think carefully before I say or do anything *
22.I am always weighing all my options *
23.I get excited about things quickly and easily *
24.I tend to be melancholy, self-reflective, pensive *

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