Enneagram Test

Erik Thor’s Enneagram Personality Test

Mid-May HotFix (1.05)

I believe everyone has a soft-wired mindset or life story. Your life story tells you how to feel, think, and act. It is your worldview and your belief frame and how you consciously perceive the world. The Enneagram lists your base insecurities and drives.

By studying your mindset, you can take more control over the story you tell yourself, becoming better at deciding for yourself who you want to be. While we all have had different experiences in our childhood, and while these experiences certainly change us and influence our behaviour, we have some control to decide what we want to do about these situations.

We are not mindless lifeforms who simply react to the world around us, we are also proactive individuals that make decisions every day. Learn more about The Enneagram here!

The test takes about 5 minutes and follows classic scientific parameters to measure your type, but the Enneagram is not a scientific system and the Enneagram can not objectively prove what is inside your complex mind or how to define your personality. Look at your strongest results and study up on and reflect on your personal mindset and think about the story you’ve always told yourself. Is it true? Is it only partially true? Would you like something to be different? 

Good luck finding your Enneagram Type!

1.I tend to focus on criticism before positive feedback
2.I normally consider what other people want before I look to myself
3.I tend to set my responsibilities at work above my personal needs
4.I normally focus on myself before I consider others
5.I tend to be fun and easygoing
6.I tend to be hot-blooded and intense
7.I tend to be more restrained and self-controlled than passionate
8.I tend to think as long as possible before I do something
9.I’m normally more cautious than open to change
10.I tend to think more about what I could do than what I have done already
11.I’m normally more firm and direct than open to compromise
12.I tend to be very careful to make sure people agree with me
13.I normally double check things carefully before I share it with others
14.I tend to put others needs and wishes before my own
15.I normally take care of my responsibilities before I take care of myself
16.I work by a play first, work later approach
17.I tend to just go with the flow and take the easy way
18.I tend to be brave and courageous and open to risks
19.I tend to be more careful and conscientious
20.I tend to delay action until I know as much as possible
21.I prefer to stick to what I’m used to rather than try new things
22.I normally prefer to try new things than stick to the policy
23.I tend to be upfront if I have negative feedback about something
24.I try to first find agreements and compromises with others
25.I tend to face my fears directly rather than find a way around them
26.I prefer to face an issue directly instead of waiting or thinking about it

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