MBTI & Enneagram Test: Erik Thor’s Flow Type Test

(Updated 27/3/2018)

This MBTI Type flow type test works by helping you find out your core most important values and needs. While testing for values like Freedom and cognitive functions like extroverted iNtuition, this is also an Enneagram Test. The MBTI is a tool to understand how we think and feel, the Enneagram tests our mindset and helps us understand our cultural norms and developed beliefs. A good personality test can tell the difference between developed attitudes and our core values. The goal of personality psychology is to provide insight into self. With this information, you can change your life and your environment. Create a life that fits your unique needs and that aligns with your primary values.

What you will want to be doing is take out the information from this personality test. Look at how you can allow yourself your dominant values in your work, day-to-day life. Consider who you are with your family and with your friends. You might want to ask for more freedom, or more privacy and more time to yourself, if that is what you need. Or you may want to ask for more honesty and more deep conversations. Deeper intimacy, if that is something important to you. Recognizing this, remember, you are responsible for letting other people know what you need and how you feel. Other people can’t read your mind and should not have to guess. But remember, this personality test can only be a tool to help you in this process. Remember to stay mindful and aware in your day to day life, recognise how you feel and what you need. A flow type test can show you where to start, and you need to start thinking for yourself, what you need next.

What does your MBTI test result say about you?

The better you know yourself, and the better you understand the questions, the more accurately the test can tell you about yourself. Feel free to take the test again another day or a week after, and see if your result changes. Compare your results or send me a message, and I will help you figure out your MBTI test results. I believe this personality test is more accurate because it avoids ambiguous questions. This MBTI test is focusing on asking questions that will help you introspect and understand more about yourself. Just taking the test should help you realize things about yourself, as you answer each question. You should feel understood without feeling stereotyped.

This flow type test has one difference from other MBTI tests: Who you are is who you are at your best, when you are in flow, when you are doing things that feel positive and natural to you. Being yourself should take zero effort. It should be easy. You are not necessarily who you are with your family members, or who you are at work. We adjust to fit to social expectations. But you are always what you are when you don’t have to try to adjust and when you can just be yourself. That is why I actively encourage people to take this MBTI test and Enneagram test. To learn about your natural flow type and your mindset and worldview so that you can understand more about yourself.

1.I value and enjoy investigating clues and opportunities around me
2.I like to just try things out and see what I can learn from it
3.I prefer to experience things as they really are
4.I like to learn by thinking ahead before I do something
5.I enjoy to formulate theories or hypothesise about things
6.I like to deal with problems by acting immediately
7.I value and enjoy being strong and powerful
8.I like to take my time to think through how I fix a problem
9.I value and enjoy creative discussions, variation and change
10.I like to think positively about things
11.I value and enjoy ambition and hard work towards a tangible goal
12.I prefer to think critically about things
13.I value and enjoy seeking new skills and trying to become better at a task
14.I like to act and behave in a positive way
15.I value guiding people and helping or teaching them things
16.I prefer to act and behave in a critical and serious manner
17.I value and enjoy inspecting and understanding the details of something
18.I prefer to be in environments that allow for constant creativity and learning
19.I value and enjoy doing things on feeling, according to what feels right in the situation
20.I like to come up with many creative ways to fix a situation
21.I value and enjoy having action and having things happen around me
22.I will work very hard at something until I have learnt everything I can about it
23.I value and enjoy having organisation, routine, and discipline
24.When I say I am going to do something, I always do it
25.I value and enjoy maintaining inner peace and harmony around me
26.I am a very optimistic decision maker
27.I value and enjoy learning and becoming an expert on the rules
28.I value and enjoy when I know my stuff and know my way around something
29.I enjoy and value doing things independently in my own original way
30.It is important for me to come up with many different ways to make a situation better
31.It is important for me to think through all options critically
32.I enjoy to just try things out and see what happens
33.I value and enjoy being modest and true to who I am
34.I like to take my time to think about what I can learn from a situation
35.I prefer to focus on what I can do right now to fix a situation
36.If I encounter a problem, I prefer to take my time to think about how to fix it
37.I enjoy and value finding new unique opportunities and possibilities
38.I prefer when everyone is positive and happy
39.I enjoy and value doing things step by step, one thing at a time
40.I prefer when people can be serious and realistic
41.I enjoy and value coming up with theories and abstract concepts
42.It is easy for me to think of new things to learn or study
43.I enjoy and value thinking tactically about how to respond to something
44.It is easy for me to think of multiple solutions to a problem
45.I enjoy and value thinking strategically about how to advance a project
46.I prefer to always finish a subject once I have started learning about it
47.I enjoy and value asking questions about how people think and feel
48.I prefer to stick to a tried and tested approach
49.I value and enjoy influencing other people and their feelings
50.I believe in always doing the right thing
51.I enjoy and value competition and to try to advance in the hierarchy
52.It is very easy for me to think of reasons things will work out
53.I enjoy and value being in the moment having great experiences
54.I enjoy and value thinking about how to balance my beliefs and my emotions
55.It is important for me to make realistic decisions
56.I value and enjoy to be able to express my feelings and to ignore protocol
57.It is easy for me to think of reasons something will not work
58.I enjoy acting on instinct and making things happen around me
59.I enjoy and value coming up with rational explanations and rules for how to solve a problem
60.I enjoy and value being disciplined about how I do something
61.I enjoy and value thinking up an original way to solve a problem on my own
62.I enjoy and value discussing things before making a decision
63.I prefer to think critically and to see things seriously
64.I tend to prefer to think about the positive and to have hope