Erik Thor’s Type Indicator (ETTI) Free MBTI Test

December 2020 Edition MBTI Test

Free MBTI Test, MBTI Personality Test, Cognitive Function Test

Take the personality test and discover which of these 64 personality types you are and what your strongest cognitive functions are.

  • Try to be honest both about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Take the test when you are in a good mood
  • Avoid neutral answers for more accurate results

Good luck!

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1.I am good at understanding my own needs and feelings *
2.I'm good at spotting others needs and feelings *
3.I'm an effective project manager *
4.I'm talented at understanding numbers and data *
5.I'm good at imagining a concept or idea *
6.I find it easy to come up with changes and new ideas *
7.I find it easy to speak in front of a group *
8.I find it easy to organise my day *

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17 thoughts on “Erik Thor’s Type Indicator (ETTI) Free MBTI Test”

    1. I’m curious to your scores, it may be that you answered too much on the middle on some questions and this impacted your result. It may also be that you are not feeling passionate or connected to your values at this time and that because of this it is harder for you to answer the questions.

  1. I think I’m a little confused. Typically I get INFP but this time ENTJ.

    I’m not questioning the quiz, I just wonder how it works.

    Sorry, I hope I’m not offending.

    1. I see an ENTJ result from 1 hour within your comment, so I’ll assume that’s you. Based on those results, you answered all questions more or less in the middle, which is why you got the result you did. It could be that the questions were unclear to you or you should try to avoid answering in the middle. Hope that helps!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful door for us to open. I am 60 years old. I tested as an ENFP when I was 20, then INFP more recently. Your test is the only one where I was an INFJ. Do things change over the lifetime? Again, thank you!

  3. Leaf Is Green ( o.o)

    The Teacher – INTP-Si/Fe (T-)
    Extraverted Feeling – Interpersonal Intelligence
    Introverted Sensing – Historical Intelligence
    Turbulence (T) + Industriousness(-)


    I have:

    unconscious potential


    Planning and Slacking

    55.625% Introverted
    62.5% iNtuitive
    58.75% Thinking
    55.625% Perceiver
    67.5% Turbulent
    63.75% Industrious

    Conclusion: INTP-Si/Fe (T-)
    Ti 72.5%
    Ne 62.5%
    Si 37.5%
    Fe 30%

    Te 47.5%
    Ni 62.5%
    Se 37.5%
    Fi 52.5%

    Thoughts on this

    Ne/Ni seems balance, does this means I consider possibilities and options while thriving to get what I want. Because recently I really do work on what I want, sometimes slacking off playing games or watching something and sometimes do learn intensively.

    Se/Si is also balanced, I think this meant that I do care for my well being, but I think Si should be higher definitely because I always seek the most comfortable place, food, and etc. I really don’t understand Se xD

    Te is lower than Fi
    I think this is because I think I value more what I want than the usefulness of it because as I notice of myself, I am very stubborn in my thinking, trying to satisfy my ego and turning down some known knowledge with high Ti-Fi and make my own understanding of it. I think also this is why I am bad at instructions. Also Te has something to do with thinking people are stupid, yes sometimes I do, but I’ll see first if this human has a potential and trying to understand why they do such thing.

    I think a high Ni has something to do with it, and also in the process of better understanding myself which has Ni-Fi involvement

    Fe is lower than Fi
    I think there is something with Fe that brings up Fi, I think I’m really bad at people interaction and that makes me introspect my own feelings a lot of times if I’m really helpful and doing the right thing. I have noticed also that I used a lot of “I” which really do involve Fi, which is cool.

  4. Brian A. Schuetz

    I took the MBTI at a different website a couple weeks ago. I was uncertain about the accuracy of it. When I took this one, I got the same result: INFP. I’m having some difficulty understanding the other factors: Fi/Ne (A+). The Fi part made sense to me, but the Ne left me a little baffled. The Ne was 5 points lower than Ni. I may be interpreting that incorrectly. As far as the Assertive/Turbulent result, The other MBTI test indicated Turbulent which I think is more accurate. The + (Playful) I’d say is accurate, though my result was very close to the center.

  5. This is amazing—the most descriptive and all-encompassing test I’ve ever taken (and I’ve taken a lot). Very accurate for me, great job and I love your work!

  6. I’m really surprised that I got my type correctly this time (INTP) because, from the answers I was giving, it seemed like they were not going to match. I got INTP-T Si/Fe (the teacher) which is strange to me but quite accurate. The strangest part is getting a higher Ni than Ne because that doesn’t match INTPs but more INTJs (which I’m not for sure). But I do love philosophy more than detective type investigations, so, from the description, that sounds right again. Either it was a lucky coincidence or the test is getting better. Congratulations Erik.

  7. Gert-Jan ten Ham

    Interesting test. This test depicts me as more balanced than your previous MBTI based test. Personally, I believe it to be quite accurate about my (strongest and weakest) cognitive functions, but I expected to score significantly lower on Extraversion. Nonetheless, thank you for your interesting approach to typology.

    I: 59.375
    N: 87.5
    T: 68.75
    P: 59.375
    T: 62.5

    Ne/Ni/Ti: 87.5
    Fi/Te: 50
    Fe/Se/Si: 12.5

    INTP-Ne/Fe (T+). The Beta-Tester.

  8. Hello Erik, thank you very much for your interesting work!
    I got “The Innocent- ENFJ (SE/TI)” in this test.
    Now would you be so kind to explain what this means? What does it tell me?
    Have a nice day

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