Good, Neutral, Chaotic or Evil? Personality Test

This month’s research topic is into good, neutral, or evil. How do we classify good from evil and what does it mean to be neutral? Take the personality test and find out what your alignment is.

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1.I have a strong sense of right and wrong *
2.I would always try to do what was right *
3.I would do whatever I felt, no matter what was right *
4.I don’t believe in the concept of good or bad – it is all just perspective *
5.My values and principles are more important than my thoughts and impulses in the moment *
6.It is easy for me to tell what decision is morally right from what is wrong *
7.Every choice has its benefits, no choice is more “right” than the other *
8.I tend to act more on emotions and instincts than values or principles *
9.If I was forced to pick between doing what was ethically right, and doing what I felt… *
10.In a political discussion… *
11.Good and evil is just a matter of perspective *
12.There is a clear difference between right and wrong *
13.The means justify the ends *
14.It’s not where you go, it’s how you get there that matters *
15.It is easy to tell what opinion or position I have in an argument *
16.It is easy for me to control my temptations and urges *