The Flow Challenge: The Introvert Test

I made this test to help people understand their personal relationship to introversion and to help people understand what introversion and extroversion is. The question in today’s quiz will help you show in what ways you are introverted, and in what ways you are more extroverted.

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1.I am more detached and analytical *
2.I am more patient and laid back *
3.I am prone to overthinking and doubt *
4.I am sensitive and guarded with my feelings *
5.I take longer time to do things *
6.I struggle to be open to change and new ideas *
7.I prefer to stick to a quiet routine *
8.I find it hard to feel excited about things *
9.I find it hard to gain motivation to do things *
10.I struggle with conflicts and arguments *
11.I don’t tend to take initiative and I am not very proactive *
12.I am more focus and self-discipline *
13.I am more direct and pragmatic *
14.I am more open and talkative *
15.I am more curious and inquisitive *
16.I am more emotionally open *
17.I am adaptable and quick thinking *
18.I like leading and organising my environment *
19.I enjoy being in the company of other people *
20.I am not patient and I don’t like to wait *
21.I am not critical or cold *
22.I am not sensitive *
23.I lack focus and discipline *
24.I act first and think later *
25.I feel at my best when I am out doing something *
26.I would like to have more stability and focus in my life *
27.I would like to have a more active and busy life *
28.I would like to have more projects or activities to work on *
29.I would like to have more time to reflect before I make a decision *
30.I would like to have more time to introspect and take care of myself *
31.I would like to work harder and be more productive *
32.I would like to have more energy and be more active *
33.I would like to reflect more on life and the bigger questions *
34.I would like to be more patient and stable *
35.I would like to be more fast-moving and forward oriented *
36.I would like to have more passion and motivation *
37.I would like to be more detached and critical *