MBTI Personality Type Test

Take this classic MBTI personality type test with a Neojungian twist to find out your MBTI personality type. 


1. I didn’t get a personality type result

That probably meant your test results were too close. Consider asking for additional help.

2. What do the percentages mean?

The percentages measure how likely it is that you are the said type. 70 for extraversion means a 70% chance that you are extraverted, where 51 means there is only a 51% chance. The test does not rate how extraverted you are. 

3. What is a personality type?

A personality type is a reflection of your core interests and values and what you prefer to do and what feels natural to you. 

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1.You prefer to respond to e-mails right away *
2.You like to take a step back from the situation before you make a decision *
3.You enjoy strong, loud, detailed words and images *
4.You like abstract, general, speculative information *
5.You enjoy stories, character, and virtue *
6.You are passionate about reason, logic, and objectivity *
7.You enjoy thinking about options and alternatives *
8.You like to plan or advance a plan *
9.You like to think and get back to people with an answer *
10.You prefer to answer or share something immediately *
11.You prefer things you can touch, see, and hear *
12.You’d rather imagine, envision, or foresee *
13.You prefer to base your decisions based on personal considerations *
14.You prefer to base decisions on objectiveness or logic *
15.You like to bring ideas and options together to a project *
16.You prefer to do what is right in the moment *
17.You’re comfortable with just thinking about something *
18.You like to act swiftly *
19.You like to focus on concrete prospects *
20.You prefer to focus on potential and future opportunities *
21.You’re passionate about people, who they are, what they care about *
22.You’re passionate about systems, how they work, what they can do *
23.You’re more relaxed by uninterrupted, long-term work *
24.You’re more relaxed in flexible, free-flow environments *
25.You’re more steady when you can act from a distance *
26.You’re more calm when you can interact directly with something *
27.You’re more energised when you can use your five senses *
28.You’re more stimulated by your imagination and your future *
29.You find values, ethics, and personal considerations more important *
30.You find logic, facts, and statistics more important *
31.You find rules, order, and structure relaxing *
32.You find options, abundance, and alternatives relaxing *
33.You find waiting relaxing *
34.You’re comfortable making quick decisions *
35.You’re more interested in ideas, subtleties, and secrets *
36.You’re more interested in traditions, events, and direct action *
37.You care more about people’s characters, stories, and experiences *
38.You care more about people’s skills, abilities, and knowledge *
39.You like to move deliberately towards a goal or project *
40.You like to have flexibility and options in projects and goals *