Mindset Test

Mindset is a crucial field of personality psychology that you can primarily study through exploring The Enneagram, DiSC and The Big5. Our mindset reflects our developed beliefs and thought patterns. We feel strongly that the world is a certain way and that we should act and be a certain way. This is in part connected to our innate values (studied by the Enneagram and the MBTI) and our social behaviour and actions (studied by the Big 5 and the DiSC)

Because we have a mindset, we have a certain self-image. We perceive ourselves and other people as certain kinds of people. For example, we either believe the world is or is not fair. Our concept of fairness is an intimate reminder of how we want the world to be, and what is most important to us, and what we need to do to make it (or keep it) so. The test and the results are experimental and the scores need to be weighted. Save the link and send it to me if you want an analysis.

Results are not perfectly coded yet, questions have yet to be weighted, dichotomies and result descriptions have not yet been written.

1.I believe in always having a goal and knowing what to do
2.I prefer to stick to a tried-and-true approach
3.I feel more comfortable doing things by the books
4.I can go from sad to happy in a matter of minutes
5.I can get easily stuck in a thought or viewpoint
6.I tend to get scattered and distracted easily
7.I can easily prioritise what goals or actions are most relevant for me
8.I tend to see right and wrong as something that is very nuanced and hard to define
9.I tend to see everything new as interesting
10.I have strong, nonnegotiable principles and values
11.I tend to go quickly from idea to idea to idea
12.I stick to a decision once made
13.I tend to change my routine and methods all the time
14.I tend to keep an open mind no matter what other people want to do
15.I come up with new ideas all the time
16.I prefer not to make a decision and just keep an open mind
17.I find it hard to think of new ideas
18.I find it hard to maintain focus for a longer time
19.I tend to lose myself in thinking about something
20.I’m always thinking about what’s next
21.I tend to feel things very deeply
22.I’d do what felt right or wrong no matter what anyone else thought
23.I’d rarely change my mind, even if the other person made a good argument
24.I find it easy to prioritise between different things
25.I have more ideas than I can finish
26.I can get so lost in a task I forget about everything else
27.I tend to have more going on than I can count
28.I tend to be sceptical of new information
29.I tend to question everything
30.I tend to see everything as uncertain
31.I tend to see everything as a question
32.I tend to see things as short-term rather than long-term
33.I’d rather work in a fast paced environment with lots to do
34.I’d rather be consistent than innovative
35.I’d rather do one thing at a time than many in one go
36.I’d rather trust my gut than ask others for advice
37.I’d rather feel one thing strongly than many things lightly
38.I’d rather think about what’s next than what happened yesterday
39.I’d rather stick to a goal than question it
40.I believe it’s better to stick to a decision than adjust to the situation

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