Personality Profiler Quiz #1 – Can You Outsmart Your Stereotypes?

Try your hands at this personality profiler quiz and get a gauge of how good you really are at guessing someone’s type. See if you can get past your own bias and stereotypes and if you can see what is really going on inside another persons head. This test challenges what you think you know about introversion and extraversion.

This is a test that mixes together ideas from the MBTI with “stereotypes” from the Big5. The question is: How do you know if someone is introverted, or if they are just shy? How do you know someone is an intuitive, or just very open-minded? How do you know if someone is a feeling type, or just very compassionate? And how do you know if someone is a Judging type, or just very conscientious?

What you want to do is take each statement asked here and answer based on what personality trait is measured. If you need help answering these questions, check out my personality profiler & big 5 content in the menu above.

1.He didn’t care about what I felt or what I believed
2.He lived by a strong set of rules and guidelines
3.He would always be supportive of me, no matter what I did
4.She was very prejudiced towards other people based on what they wore or where they were from
5.He always wanted to be in charge of everything
6.He was comfortable expressing his personal feelings and viewpoints
7.She had a lot of personal quirks and beliefs about this and that
8.He seemed to understand our group’s beliefs, our culture and our ways of doing things
9.She was always careful not to say anything bad
10.She liked to be objective about the situation, letting the facts decide.
11.He would always be able to come up with a strategy for how I could deal with a problem
12.She preferred to let other people lead
13.He was a cold and cruel man, never showing any signs of empathy or compassion
14.He would always have something going on, never had time to talk to me
15.She would never really listen to anyone else, she always did what she thought was best
16.He was always relaxed and carefree, he believed a situation would be resolved by itself
17.He would always go inside and think before he said something
18.He would look at as many perspectives as possible before he made up his own mind
19.He would always challenge prejudice and what we all took for granted
20.She would make me feel grounded by making me aware of what was happening around me
21.He was known to sometimes bend the rules too much
22.She preferred to focus on how an idea or plan could be implemented in the situation
23.He would often start daydreaming, his mind buzzing with ideas
24.His ideas were often too shallow and would never work in reality
25.He liked to focus on managing the strategy or overall diplomacy
26.She always seemed a little uncomfortable when other people became emotional
27.She was a sweet and good-natured person, always trying to think of some way to be of help
28.She would always focus on what was most important about a situation, starting with what she could see or prove was the case.
29.He would always keep me focused on what was most important right now
30.He would foresee or rehearse what to do before a situation happened
31.Sometimes it felt like she would say no, no matter what I asked
32.She would always talk to everyone at a party
33.She asked me many questions on various practical matters
34.She was respectful of my feelings and tried to help me as much as she could
35.She always had an idea of something new to do
36.She was often described as shy and soft-spoken
37.He always called my ideas crazy and impossible
38.He would never have any opinions about what we should do next
39.She would always consider what was happening around her before she did something
40.He would always be thinking of other people, what they said, thought, believed
41.She stayed calm and tried to see how she could make the situation better
42.She would always consider problems none of us thought to consider
43.She would often get frustrated that the world didn’t line up with how she thought it should be
44.He would always sit quiet and just observe
45.She would often speak in general or abstract terms
46.She generally focused on the goal or strategy before entertaining what-ifs
47.She always had an explanation for everything that was happening in the world
48.He always had an alternative solution to every idea we suggested

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