Personality Test (5-10 min)

Everyone has a flow code. What is yours? I made this personality type because I wanted to give you a consistent way to track your core values, interests, attitudes, and passions. I believe everyone has a certain personality type based on how ambitious, artistic, philosophical, sporty, or rebellious you are. Learn about the sixteen flow types. 

Beyond this, you have a certain subtype that is unique to you based on your personal preferences and your development. I believe no person fits in a box but I believe everyone has a personality. If you know your personality, you can make more positive decisions about your lifestyle, career and relationships. Create a life that reflects who you are and what kind of a person you want to be. Leave a donation on Patreon and send in your link for an extended result. 

After you are done, take a moment to review the test here.

1.I enjoy trying new things and thinking about what might happen in the future
2.I like being out and doing things in the real world
3.I like to write down mental models and theories about things
4.I enjoy challenge and competition with others
5.I like to have variation and change
6.I enjoy hard and long term work to reach a goal
7.I enjoy games, problem solving and friendly competition
8.I like to take care of and give of myself to others
9.I like to have habits, routines and traditions
10.I enjoy connecting with others and learning about who they are
11.I like entertaining and performing for others
12.I like to keep a neat and orderly environment
13.I enjoy spreading harmony and peace around me
14.I enjoy applying rational principles critically to improve something
15.I like to work independently on my own ideas and projects
16.I enjoy artistic self-expression
17.I enjoy thinking about past memories and experiences
18.I enjoy asking questions and studying theories
19.I like to practice and improve and develop skills
20.I like to have an ambition or project to work towards
21.I enjoy expressing my personal feelings and individual opinions
22.I like to lead, inspire, and challenge others
23.I like to trust my body and my five senses
24.I enjoy thinking of an ideal state or a peaceful utopia
25.I like being intimate and getting closer to others
26.I like to strike myself out from the crowd, be someone different
27.I like to carefully improve, fine-tune and fix a system
28.I like to exercise discipline and self-restraint
29.I like to be spontaneous and go with the flow
30.I like to question norms and rules
31.I enjoy coming up with a project, plan, or strategy
32.I enjoy planning new events and looking to what is coming up
33.I tend to focus on what I know about a situation
34.I tend to focus on what the environment can tell me about a situation
35.I tend to focus on what I like or dislike about something
36.I tend to focus on what I know others value or care about
37.I tend to focus on what I like and enjoy
38.I tend to focus on what I want to improve at
39.I tend to focus on what I’m already good at
40.I tend to prioritise on chores
41.I tend to prefer gathering information over making decisions
42.I tend to prefer thinking of options over prioritising between them
43.I tend to prioritise objective goals over personal ideas
44.I tend to put my own values above others ideas
45.It’s more important for me to do something well than have fun
46.I prefer to focus on what I already know and feel good at
47.I like to go outside my comfort zone
48.It’s more important for me to have flow than to have power