Personality Test

Take this personality test to find out your personality type when you are in a state of flow. This MBTI test measures your top cognitive functions and gives you a personality type response based on which cognitive functions you identify with the most. It also gives you an Enneagram test result. This MBTI test result reflects your strongest interests and passions, while the Enneagram result describes your normal behavior and how you act and appear to others in regular day to day situations.

A score between 30-45 or 55-70 is considered a good result, and nobody should get a score above 75 or below 25, as this indicates being imbalanced in the Neojungian system. Frequently asked questions about the test

After you are done, take a moment to review the test here.

1.I like and find it easy to make connections and spot opportunities around me
2.I tend to need frequent changes and new experiences
3.I am naturally interested in and attentive to my surroundings and my environment
4.I tend to change my mind frequently and to see things from new perspectives
5.I enjoy and find it easy to think up theories and ideas on my own
6.I tend to prefer to do things I already know and feel familiar with
7.I enjoy and find it effortless to learn about systems, data, tasks and my environment
8.I usually keep myself busy thinking about memories, past experiences, and day to day events
9.I like and find it easy to brainstorm ideas and think of options and alternatives
10.I tend to think a lot about keeping balance and harmony around me
11.I find it fun and easy to work towards on an idea or vision for a long time
12.I am often thinking about how to improve or do better
13.I like and find it easy to improve my skills or adjust to obstacles around me
14.I tend to volunteer when somebody needs help with something
15.I enjoy and find it easy to build communities, create a social atmosphere or develop teams
16.I tend to be very competitive around other people
17.I enjoy and find it easy to work with details and to do things step-by-step
18.I tend to dream or hope for change and for things to be different than they are
19.I enjoy learning about and discussing people, morals, and cultures
20.I tend to often see ways to improve on traditions and routines
21.I enjoy and find it easy being spontaneous, direct, and active
22.I tend to work hard to change my situation or life in some way
23.I like and find it effortless to be disciplined, methodical and structured
24.I tend to start up and maintain traditions and routines
25.I like and find it easy to reflect on people’s hidden feelings or motives for things
26.I tend to easily make new friends and teams with others
27.I like learning about the science, the mechanics or the inner workings of things
28.I tend to come up with different original ways to do things
29.I like and find it easy to speculate about future events and long-term trends
30.I tend to work hard to maintain friendships and bonds with others
31.I tend to easily find new ways to challenge or test other people
32.I tend to seek a lot of change, variation and novelty
33.I enjoy listening, thinking about values, individuals, personal differences
34.I tend to think a lot about what new ideas to try or what new places to visit
35.I like showing and remind other people of who I am
36.I prefer to stick to who I am and what I know over what I could be
37.I enjoy and value making connections and seeing how different events tie together
38.I enjoy being able to save the day or help others with their goals and projects
39.I enjoy and value doing things step by step, one thing at a time
40.I tend to push hard to get what I want
41.I enjoy spending time by myself to develop an idea or theory
42.I tend to easily see ways things could be different or ways I could be happier
43.I like working on my skills and abilities and easily see ways to do things more efficiently
44.I tend to focus on improving on what I already have and my situation
45.I like coming up with rules and methods and tools to arrange a system
46.I tend to have lots of ideas for potential changes and things that could be different
47.I like studying a person, his/her expressions, feelings, and personal quirks
48.I tend to work on creating a safe and stable environment around me
49.I enjoy thinking of or telling stories about life and various experiences
50.I tend to make other people laugh and feel happy
51.I like and find it easy to think objectively about a situation and how it works in practical terms
52.Its important for me to be there for people when they need me
53.I enjoy and find it easy to explore and learn about my environment and surroundings
54.I enjoy and find it easy to introspect and see hidden intentions or purpose for doing something
55.I tend to disagree with the group and have different ideas than everyone else
56.I like studying people, expressions, behaviour and morals
57.Its easy for me to see how things could improve or be done better
58.I enjoy and find it easy to work on abstract long-term projects and ideas by myself
59.I enjoy defining rules and mechanisms for how things should work
60.I enjoy and naturally develop methods or structure for things
61.I like and find it natural to be direct and do things on instinct
62.I enjoy and find it easy to read the room and predict consequences of different ideas
63.I think a lot about my weaknesses and how to improve
64.I think a lot about other people and what they want and need

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