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The test is 32 questions long and after it you will get a detailed report with your strongest cognitive functions and your most likely personality type.

1.I find it easy to predict and explain why people feel a certain way
2.I find it easy to connect with and make people feel understood
3.I am good at staying focused on a project
4.I am good at giving critical feedback
5.I'm good at imagining a concept or idea
6.I am good at brainstorming new ideas
7.I do my best in fast-paced, active environments
8.I find it easy to organise and plan my day and activities
9.I find it hard to express my needs and feelings
10.I find it difficult to relate and connect with others
11.I easily lose track of goals and projects
12.I find it hard to give others critical feedback
13.I find it hard to sit still and do nothing
14.I find it hard to think of new ways to do things
15.I find busy events and crowds overwhelming
16.I find it hard to follow rules and authority
17.I often talk about myself and my feelings in a humorous way
18.I often approach social situations with jokes and humor
19.I find work and projects fun and stimulating
20.I find it fun to question and pick apart ideas
21.I have a rich and playful imagination
22.I like changing things up just for the fun of it
23.I enjoy doing something as quickly as possible
24.I enjoy having a consistent routine
25.I find feelings and emotions frustrating
26.I find social events stressful
27.I often stress about not being able to complete goals or projects
28.I am sensitive to criticism
29.I find waiting stressful
30.I find changes stressful
31.I find deadlines stressful
32.I find it stressful to organise my activities

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