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Personality Test | 2021 16 Personalities Test | Erik Thor

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Personality Test | 2021 16 Personalities Test 

This is the most extensive personality test ever made and gives you one of 16 personality types. It also shows your developed subtype, and your strongest cognitive functions.

What personality type am I?

Take the personality test to figure out if you are an INFJ Philosopher, ENTP Inventor, or ISTJ Builder. Find out if you are a healthy or assertive personality type and get in-depth insight into your cognitive functions.

Do personality tests work?

My personality test is a great starting point to figure out which personality type you are. I spent years developing this test and finding the right questions to ask. I provide more detailed and nuanced feedback and have a more complex algorithm than most tests you will encounter online.

How can I know my personality type?

Start by taking my personality test and then read the description to see if it fits. If you need help figuring out your personality type, I can look at your personality test results. I also offer coaching to help people better understand their personality type.

I developed this free 16 personalities test to help people figure out what personality type they are in a so called flow state. We all have unique hobbies and passions and what you love is who you are at your best. Take the 16 personalities test and answer honestly on your strengths and what interests you the most in life. Check out my YouTube channel to learn more about the personality types. Follow my general guidelines:

Tips for the best result

  • Try to be honest both about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Take the test when you are in a good mood
  • Avoid neutral answers for more accurate results

Who are you in the personality test? 

There are 16 personalities. You can for example be an INFJ Philosopher, an ISFJ Diplomat, an ISFP Artist, or an ENFP Adventurer. There are multiple possible types and no type is better than the other. Your type is determined by your strongest cognitive functions. Everyone has a unique way of thinking and valuing the world. Good luck on the 16 personalities test!

How I built the test

I designed the test using Carl Jung's cognitive functions as a theoretical base. Every question references a unique cognitive function, for example introverted iNtuition or Extroverted Thinking. At the end of the test you will get a score based on your answers. For example, if you agree on statements that measure for extroverted cognitive functions, you get a higher Extrovert score. In the end, you get a personality type result. Learn about the personality types here.

I look over the answers and statistics frequently and I remove or change questions that don't work. I take a data-driven approach to understand the personality types. My goal is to build clear and distinct personality types that are easy to tell apart from each other. I have also built several other personality tests, including an Enneagram Test, Big Five test, and a DiSC test. 

Take the test

Unpublished form
1I find it easy to predict and explain why people feel a certain way
2I find it easy to connect with and make people feel understood
3I am good at staying focused on a project
4I am good at giving critical feedback
5I'm good at imagining a concept or idea
6I am good at brainstorming new ideas
7I do my best in fast-paced, active environments
8I find it easy to organise and plan my day and activities
9I find it hard to express my needs and feelings
10I find it difficult to relate and connect with others
11I easily lose track of goals and projects
12I find it hard to give others critical feedback
13I find it hard to sit still and do nothing
14I find it hard to think of new ways to do things
15I find busy events and crowds overwhelming
16I find it hard to follow rules and authority
17I often talk about myself and my feelings in a humorous way
18I often approach social situations with jokes and humor
19I find work and projects fun and stimulating
20I find it fun to question and pick apart ideas
21I have a rich and playful imagination
22I like changing things up just for the fun of it
23I enjoy doing something as quickly as possible
24I enjoy having a consistent routine
25I find feelings and emotions frustrating
26I find social events stressful
27I often stress about not being able to complete goals or projects
28I am sensitive to criticism
29I find waiting stressful
30I find changes stressful
31I find deadlines stressful
32I find it stressful to organise my activities

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31 comments on “Personality Test | 2021 16 Personalities Test | Erik Thor”

  1. The explanation of results was most helpful for me. Otherwise, the results gave me results of what I believed is my 3rd most likely type.

  2. I enjoyed taking your beer test I recieved my correct ENFP type. Your test is right on and accurate now. Plus, I can live in my imagination all day long. Lol. We have extremely vivid, bizarre and wild dreams constantly.

  3. I thought I was an Infp or an Enfp but after taking this test and the sakinorva test today, I have learned that I’m actually an ENTP. 😹😹😹

  4. I usually test as an INFP so this is an unusual result to be typed as an ESTP. In reading the explanation I definately identify more as "patience" rather than "initiative" so I must have misunderstood the questions. Maybe this result is influenced by my mood at present. I am well rested and well fed and my life is "flowing" with nothing out of control. Love your videos (which I identify as an INFP too). Hmmn? Annette

  5. Interesting. Got ESFP-T.
    I'm actually INTJ-A, if you want to go with 16p terms.

    Say, I don't have a problem with being on a stage. I can swing that Te hammer, no problem!

  6. I got ENFP from some older version with the Te and Si as the lowest functions and now I got ISTJ from this, tho pretty much all the functions were around 50. I'm an INFJ-8. It still seems too hard to get accurate tests for these.

  7. Hello again Erik!

    I love the site and took your very interesting test. Amazing work as always. Here are my results!

    I agree with the results for the most part and had much fun in the miniature adventure of reflections in mind. ^_^

    I appreciate all that you do and hope all is well. I am so curious of your results! (Forgive me if you have them posted somewhere I kinda jumped right on to the test when visiting your site for the first time)

    So glad to have discovered your works and am grateful that you exist!

  8. I have the same trouble. I got ENTJ on here and I also had this previously on a test I did on your website before this one. I’m very interested in your work and the insights you have about function measurements regarding you not thinking the cognitive functions are split so clearly as others. (Eg Fe high therefore Fi low). In all the tests I have done I usually type as NF. I have been trying to figure out what my type is or quite few years or more. I’m always borderline on I/E and J/P so I have received every personality type of NF/idealist group.
    I am assuming when you have tried the test you have successfully got INFJ yourself? I honestly think I would love to be an ENTJ as I can see how useful some of their traits are and would be in my life but really do not think it is accurate.
    For example I love science, psychology analysing data, philosophy, problem solving and figuring out how things work as much as I do fashion/interior design trends, photography, cooking, making/fixing things, expressing stories through fashion. In addition to trying to understand everything around me to find meaning, solutions or plausible theories to satisfy my curiosity. I also love most forms of sport; group and alone. Running, hiking, yoga, climbing, tennis, swimming, walking, Pilates, yoga, hockey etc.
    I love spending time with people socialising, in groups especially when your in groups you can make deeper root connections with and not just have surface conversations. Though I have got better at that as I’ve grown realising even small meaning can be found in these interactions even if small level of connections and they are also important. I love exploring how people are different aswell as finding small commonalities. I love managing groups of people and working towards a common cause and like to drive a group by understanding/connecting with who they are and their passions so that they at the same time enjoy the process. However, I equally love alone time as without it I couldn’t get to the depth of understanding in topics which fascinate me. Also, if the group is too critical/competitive in an antagonistic way it hierarchal/rigid without the room for people to grow and apply themselves and work collaboratively I will be less comfortable within that group and can also feel slightly shy when I sense people are a little hostile in energy.
    I think I have answered many of these questions in the middle however this is because for a lot of the questions I actually am in the middle but it is because I do not know what I like or enjoy for example. I know I have given a lot of random information and hobbies are not necessarily an indicator of type it just for you to paint a picture and have something to base whether an ENTJ result is accurate. I know for any in depth typing I would need to go via the other typing process offered. I am just very intrigued with this result.

  9. Hello Mr. Thor,

    I took your MBTI Flow Test some time ago. I got the result "The Monk – INFJ-Ti/Se (T-)". (My test results link is

    I have some questions for you Mr. Thor:
    1. How accurate is your MBTI Flow Test if I answered honestly, Mr. Thor?
    2. Based on the results I got(see:, what would be a good description of me?
    3. How different is your system from Mr. Harry Murrell's( For a start, if I am really an INFJ in your system, would I perfectly match Mr. Harry's system's concept of INFJ?

    Please answer my questions as soon as you can.

    1. Dear Axel, I cannot claim that my test is 100% accurate, but I can say it is one of the better performing tests online. I work through statistics every month to make sure questions work as well as possible, but I cannot guard myself against every possible way to interpret a question or a scale. In the end, tests remain relative things, and different people vaguely redefine terminologies all the time based on cultural factors, emotional health and more. But I can give your results a closer look if you send me the link and become a patron - I offer all patrons the chance at extended results.

      I hope I can assist you in finding out your type!

  10. Hi, my test results are The Detective – ENFP-Ne/Te (A-), but I'm pretty sure I'm ENFP Ne/Fi first, don't really get where that Te first cominf from, just giving feedback 😉

    1. I'm curious to your scores, it may be that you answered too much on the middle on some questions and this impacted your result. It may also be that you are not feeling passionate or connected to your values at this time and that because of this it is harder for you to answer the questions.

  11. I think I’m a little confused. Typically I get INFP but this time ENTJ.

    I’m not questioning the quiz, I just wonder how it works.

    Sorry, I hope I’m not offending.

    1. I see an ENTJ result from 1 hour within your comment, so I'll assume that's you. Based on those results, you answered all questions more or less in the middle, which is why you got the result you did. It could be that the questions were unclear to you or you should try to avoid answering in the middle. Hope that helps!

  12. Thank you for this wonderful door for us to open. I am 60 years old. I tested as an ENFP when I was 20, then INFP more recently. Your test is the only one where I was an INFJ. Do things change over the lifetime? Again, thank you!

  13. The Teacher - INTP-Si/Fe (T-)
    Extraverted Feeling - Interpersonal Intelligence
    Introverted Sensing - Historical Intelligence
    Turbulence (T) + Industriousness(-)


    I have:

    unconscious potential


    Planning and Slacking

    55.625% Introverted
    62.5% iNtuitive
    58.75% Thinking
    55.625% Perceiver
    67.5% Turbulent
    63.75% Industrious

    Conclusion: INTP-Si/Fe (T-)
    Ti 72.5%
    Ne 62.5%
    Si 37.5%
    Fe 30%

    Te 47.5%
    Ni 62.5%
    Se 37.5%
    Fi 52.5%

    Thoughts on this

    Ne/Ni seems balance, does this means I consider possibilities and options while thriving to get what I want. Because recently I really do work on what I want, sometimes slacking off playing games or watching something and sometimes do learn intensively.

    Se/Si is also balanced, I think this meant that I do care for my well being, but I think Si should be higher definitely because I always seek the most comfortable place, food, and etc. I really don't understand Se xD

    Te is lower than Fi
    I think this is because I think I value more what I want than the usefulness of it because as I notice of myself, I am very stubborn in my thinking, trying to satisfy my ego and turning down some known knowledge with high Ti-Fi and make my own understanding of it. I think also this is why I am bad at instructions. Also Te has something to do with thinking people are stupid, yes sometimes I do, but I'll see first if this human has a potential and trying to understand why they do such thing.

    I think a high Ni has something to do with it, and also in the process of better understanding myself which has Ni-Fi involvement

    Fe is lower than Fi
    I think there is something with Fe that brings up Fi, I think I'm really bad at people interaction and that makes me introspect my own feelings a lot of times if I'm really helpful and doing the right thing. I have noticed also that I used a lot of "I" which really do involve Fi, which is cool.

  14. I took the MBTI at a different website a couple weeks ago. I was uncertain about the accuracy of it. When I took this one, I got the same result: INFP. I'm having some difficulty understanding the other factors: Fi/Ne (A+). The Fi part made sense to me, but the Ne left me a little baffled. The Ne was 5 points lower than Ni. I may be interpreting that incorrectly. As far as the Assertive/Turbulent result, The other MBTI test indicated Turbulent which I think is more accurate. The + (Playful) I'd say is accurate, though my result was very close to the center.

  15. This is amazing—the most descriptive and all-encompassing test I’ve ever taken (and I’ve taken a lot). Very accurate for me, great job and I love your work!

    1. Hi Erik, took your test again since a couple of years. Last time I got ENFP and this time INFP-T. In the OP system I type myself FF-NeFi CPBS. I thought it could be interesting for you to know. I am not officially typed but very sure.

  16. I'm really surprised that I got my type correctly this time (INTP) because, from the answers I was giving, it seemed like they were not going to match. I got INTP-T Si/Fe (the teacher) which is strange to me but quite accurate. The strangest part is getting a higher Ni than Ne because that doesn't match INTPs but more INTJs (which I'm not for sure). But I do love philosophy more than detective type investigations, so, from the description, that sounds right again. Either it was a lucky coincidence or the test is getting better. Congratulations Erik.

  17. Interesting test. This test depicts me as more balanced than your previous MBTI based test. Personally, I believe it to be quite accurate about my (strongest and weakest) cognitive functions, but I expected to score significantly lower on Extraversion. Nonetheless, thank you for your interesting approach to typology.

    I: 59.375
    N: 87.5
    T: 68.75
    P: 59.375
    T: 62.5

    Ne/Ni/Ti: 87.5
    Fi/Te: 50
    Fe/Se/Si: 12.5

    INTP-Ne/Fe (T+). The Beta-Tester.

  18. Hello Erik, thank you very much for your interesting work!
    I got "The Innocent- ENFJ (SE/TI)" in this test.
    Now would you be so kind to explain what this means? What does it tell me?
    Have a nice day

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