Personality Test (5 min)

Erik Thor’s Flow Type Test (FTT)

April 2019 Update

My personality test asks you who you are at your best and what you enjoy and value the most, rather than what you normally do or what you tend to appear like to others. This means you might get a different result than on normal MBTI tests.


My personality test takes about 5 minutes to complete. Remember to answer honestly and to avoid neutral answers for more accurate results. Want to know more and understand your result better? Patreons can book a coaching session and talk over skype or e-mail about their results!


Enjoy… and good luck!

1.I enjoy investigating patterns and possibilities
2.I enjoy performing for and entertaining others
3.I enjoy trying to explain the nature or cause behind things
4.I enjoy pushing for the highest score and the best result
5.I enjoy changing up my routine and trying different things
6.I like following a strategy or methodology
7.I love to trade, barter, and discuss decisions with others
8.I like to make decisions that I feel will be for the good of everyone
9.I like to keep track of what I do on a day and to catalogue things I see
10.I like to share and express my feelings to others
11.I enjoy improvising and taking the day as it comes
12.I enjoy doing things in a certain order or rhythm
13.I enjoy reflecting on and trying to understand pain and emotional distress
14.I enjoy reflecting on problems one at a time until they have all been fixed
15.At my best, I’m working on one big new project for a longer time
16.I like seeing things from a personal, individual perspective
17.When anxious, I can become rigid and overly set in my ways
18.At my worst, I can become withdrawn, inattentive, and detached
19.I struggle to be alone with just my own thoughts and questions
20.I tend to rush over and skip details
21.I struggle to entertain alternative ideas and perspectives
22.I tend to be so focused I don’t notice what people are saying and doing around me
23.I find it difficult to stay disciplined and set on a course
24.I tend to miss the long-term consequences of my actions
25.I tend to neglect or ignore my own feelings
26.I find it hard to stand up for myself in conflicts
27.I find it hard to listen to critical feedback and expertise from others
28.I struggle with expressing my feelings to others
29.I find it difficult to give if I don’t get anything in return
30.I struggle in competitive, performance-oriented environments
31.I find it hard to do things if I don’t personally benefit from it
32.I struggle to adjust to rules and systematic guidelines

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