Erik Thor’s 16 Personalities Flow Code & Dating Test (5 min)

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2020 Edition

  • Written with love – everyone is different and we should develop more respect and understanding towards different personalities
  • This test is built on an unique algorithm perfected over several years to give incredibly accurate results and insights into your personality
  • This test helps you figure out whether you are Introverted, Extroverted, iNtuitive, Sensory, Feeling, Thinking, Judging, Perceiving, and Assertive (Flow) or Turbulent (Stress-sensitive)

My 16 Personalities Flow Code Test

The test is built to study your personality based on your interests and values and what you enjoy and what you dislike or struggle with in life. It can help you understand what kind of career or lifestyle would make you more happy as a person and what situations you need to improve at and manage better. In the latest update, you will also find your ideal match and participate in a survey on personality type and dating.

Good luck on my personality test!

1.I enjoy investigating elaborate concepts and theories
2.I find parties and events overwhelming
3.I like to focus on helping and supporting other people
4.I find it tiring to discuss pro’s and con’s
5.I like to reflect on my own situation, my happiness, and health
6.I find competitive environments discouraging
7.I like to research and develop concepts and theories
8.I find multitasking stressful and distracting
9.I like to investigate and test new patterns and theories
10.I dislike having to narrow down my options or commit to one thing
11.I like to take charge and make responsible decisions
12.I struggle to let go and let things run their natural course
13.I am good at dissecting arguments and ideas
14.I find it exhausting to consider other people’s feelings and needs
15.I like to organise and plan my days, events and activities
16.I struggle to adjust to new and different things
17.I like having a steady routine and balance
18.I find new and unusual things difficult to deal with
19.I like to take care of my health and well-being
20.I don’t like managing or leading other people
21.I like to make decisions based on my heart and feelings in the situation
22.I don’t like to have to explain my ideas or thought process
23.I like to do things fast, making decisions on my feet
24.I find it hard to sit down and focus on a long-term project
25.I enjoy physical activity and exercise
26.I find it hard to sit down and have nothing to do
27.I like discussing pro’s and con’s and weighing decisions logically
28.I find emotional attachments and commitments stressful
29.I like giving people objective feedback on how they are doing or performing
30.I don’t like to explain or talk about how I am feeling or why I do something
31.I find it easy to come up with new ideas and to make changes
32.I find it hard to maintain self-discipline and consistency
33.My ideal partner is self-disciplined and consistent
34.My ideal partner is creative and change-oriented
35.My ideal partner is direct and driven
36.My ideal partner enjoys playful debates and discussions
37.My ideal partner is physically active and energetic
38.My ideal partner is focused and forward oriented
39.My ideal partner is ethical and individualistic
40.My ideal partner is compassionate and supportive of others

81 thoughts on “Erik Thor’s 16 Personalities Flow Code & Dating Test (5 min)

  1. I don’t this is accurate, I keep getting isfj and Im an infj, I’ve been studying MBTI for a year now and I feel like I answered honestly. I know im in an info because I’ve looked at the cognitive functions and most infj videos I watch I can relate to.

    1. Yup.. i agree with you.. im infj but i got intj in this test… im totally not into intj.. just like you say… i know myself is more related to infj

        1. Hey! Age could be a factor! Erik T. talks about how much of the content that currently exists tends to look at and to describe a younger and less mature ENFP. He goes on to say that as ENFPs age we start to develop other parts of ourselves and we may test as (and begin to relate to) other types. I’ve been back in school for a few years now (I’m 35) and I typed as an ENTP on a test provided by my University. I chalked it up to my focus on and development of my thinking function. I’m still a feeler at my core ☺️

    2. Got INFP. Though I’ve always related to INFPs, we can have trouble communicating. I’m an INTP. These are my results:

      Notice the high Ti and Ne. Interesting that I scored high on Fi, as I have actively tried to develop my ability to analyze my emotions, but it’s still a struggle to know what I’m feeling most of the time. I’m not sure where I’m placed on A/T, but I always assumed I was turbulent.

    3. Same I’ve done multiple MBTI tests and had even asked others to used the CS Joseph type grid to type myself and all the results are ENTJ. But it keeps telling me I’m an ENTP

    4. This gave me INFJ. I’m aware I’m an infp though, however this outcome isn’t really due to an inaccuracy on your test. There’s always about 1%-2% between the J and the F. Same issue occurred with the Myers-Briggs test. I researched the cognitive functions and identified more with infp, however I may have to do further research, just to be sure. Either way, this test is sick.

  2. Intp, pretty accurate ( a considerable amount of useful info in the questions themselves it’s weird, i’ll use some of this to enhance my thinking patterns thanks) and you all should, you may be skipping something important.

  3. Same , I got ISFP 2 times and on the variety tests I’ve taken before I got INFP. I’ve also studied MBTI for over 3 years Dude, something is wrong with your system . plus it doesn’t tell me how much more (or less) I am of one characteristic over the over.

    1. The test was being updated while you took it, it may have caused you to get 0 on every single scale. It is fixed now and updated and ready if you want to retry it.

  4. I don’t know, I got INFJ and I have always tested as INFP. It looked like I was right on the 50% mark on J/P, so I don’t know, but there was one question in particular that I think made my answer less INFPish. It had to do with enjoying thinking about large concepts and ideas. I do that, through my exploratory imagination but I think that was meant to identify INFJs. Sometimes the wording of a question is such that people can take it to have two similar meanings. I do believe I fit squarely in the INFP camp, but I see a lot of shadowish INFJ traits, like ghosts, under the surface. Interesting, to say the least.

    1. Heyy, the case went similar with me. In every other test taken, i am typed as an INFP, in the old Erik Thor’s test too, i was typed as an INFP, but this updated version typed me as an INFJ. Although, i could relate to INFJs, but i am an INFP, in general. I have been studying MBTI since two years, nd I am sure of being an INFP.

  5. Got INTJ, but I am an INFJ…
    On Truity test, we can see our top 3 personality attached to us And I have done that test many times.
    There, I always get 1- INFJ; 2- INTJ and 3- ISTJ

  6. In other tests I always score as an INFP but I score as an INFJ in your test. I used to score as an INFP-T, then an INFP-A and now an INFJ-A. Is it possible to change your type as you grow old?

  7. I got INFP, but have always strongly identified with ENFP, while knowing that I have been becoming more Introverted over the last few years as I went through a lot of changes and depression, anxiety, and eventually proper burnout developed. I’m on the path to recovery, but it doesn’t surprise me that I got a more introverted result, as I’ve been less open and engaging with others.


  8. I got ENTP and I think that describes me pretty well. However, I did get 50/50 on a couple of the dichotomies so it could’ve said I was either INTP or ENFP if the scale had been rounded down instead of up. I did notice that the determination of my type based on my cognitive functions result was pretty accurate but I scored a little higher on Fi than I expected. I think I actually use more Fe than Fi in reality but then again, I’ve been studying typology for a little less than a year so I’m definitely no expert… yet.

  9. Okay I got ENTP! I’m glad because that’s the personality that seems to fit me the best.
    I always had a doubt and a rather important questioning about my personality, because I could feel very extroverted and initiating, well I often go to the others etc, for as much I always had a little bit of time alone which is necessary for me! I was wondering if I wasn’t another type of personality or what? But with this test I clearly got the answers I wanted, I’m 50% extroverted, I’m a living oxymoron clearly.

    Here’s my results tho :

  10. I am ISFP and I know that is absolutely correct for me (your last test gave me ISFP). I do sometimes test INFP, but I have Se/Ni for sure.
    This test gives me ENFP. I have exactly 50% on E/I and 51% on N/S, so perhaps I’ve misinterpreted a couple of questions.
    Just for your info. Keep up the great work.


    I’m an ENFP for certain. I think it’s likely I’m a jumper Ne Te. And MF pc/b(s)
    But this is self diagnosis but I think reliable. I love your work, very encouraging and insightful. But I do like INFJ minds of course. Anyway… I’m trying to figure out my next career step, if I can be of any help to you in future let me know.

    Many thanks and appreciation,


  12. I’m an INFP and this test showed the same result! I’ve about 5 tests..and I identify with the Utopian type. When I take a close look at my profile, on all the cognitive functions, there’s just a slight preference for one over the other with percentages almost looking like 55-60%. I’ve heard this from people as well. They seem really confused about who I really am, since I very easily slip into the role of an extrovert, sensor, snd a thinker. Only with Perceiving function I have a strong preference! This test is pretty accurate! Thank you Erik! 🙂

  13. ive consistently tested as an ENFP but I tested an INTP. It may well be that my current way of wanting to approach the world has me leaning on different functions

  14. I got ENFJ even though I have always tested as INFP.. I feel more assertive and at peace with my self nowadays, because of more life experience, so that may explain the different result of this test. Last time I took the test was years ago.

  15. No matter which test I take, I’d always get INFP, but this test showed that I was an ENFP-T. Thank you Erik, because it makes so much more sense to me now. The reason I always saw myself as an INFP was because of social anxiety, but I always have loved socializing. Me being a Turbulent ENFP now motivates me to become more assertive.

  16. I am certainly an ENTP but I consistently get ENFP. Is there a problem with measuring Fi and Ti? The other 16 personalities test on this site is more accurate, I think. You might want to check this Erik, thank you for putting in the effort.

  17. I am an ENTJ and scored ENTJ on this test.
    I have done other tests for each cognitive function percentage of use… This one seems to be the best one I’ve done.
    Although I see there are still some gaps to make some adjustments, maybe increasing the number of questions to better distinguish each cognitive function quality.
    I scored higher on Fe than Fi which I think it is an absurd. Fe is superficial and I hate superficial sentimentality that I can only see as a drag to cover the truth that I constantly watch people using just because it hurts their feelings. It’s a damned cognitive function for me that I brutally despise most of it’s qualities.
    Si was my lowest scored here although I do not feel as problematic with this function than with Fe. I really despise all the dogmatic thing of blindly following rules without a purpose not a reason. But I do catch myself sometimes a little interested in symbology.
    Amazing work… Erik Thor!!!

  18. I have always been an INFJ and in this test I got ENFJ. I got 50% for the Introversion and Extroversion scale, but I am very much introverted. I know those two types have similar functions but I believe it has always been NiFe for me than FeNi.

  19. I test as infj on your old test, as well as an in person evaluation 15 years ago…and every test since then. I still always in search for the absolute I really an infj?
    This is the very first test ive tested other wise…as an enfj. I am by no means an extrovert, as much as I long for deep connections…I truly desire to be alone (a contradiction I know) and easily overwhelmed by the world, I just want to approach every day as a sanctuary of peace….where everyone communicates telepathically. Haha.
    I just got quarantined because of covid 19..I wonder if this has altered my testing. Its the longest I’ve been completely isolated (happily) but I feel useless because I’m not being put to work, or having a purpose. My enneagram is 4w5. With my tritype being 459. …in socionics I tyoe as EIE
    I was raised in trauma, and was naturally isolated from creating friendships, bonds etc…maybe enfj is my true type and I just have a layer of social anxiety? Interesting….
    Thanks for your time.

  20. Since this test focuses more on cognitive functions (unlike the 16 personalities test) I think I got ENTJ instead of INTJ because of my neglected Fi and strong Te. But there’s no doubt I’m anything other then introverted.

  21. I consider myself to be an ENFP but with this test came up as an ENTJ, so I looked up a bunch of stuff on ENTJs and I don’t think that’s what I am.

    1. I have come out infp at least 8 times on several different tests so I think I can verify that Eric Thors test is accurate!
      Thanks so much!

    2. First time i got INFJ on Mbti, but i mistyped myself and second time i got ENFP and that matches my personality much better! Here i got ENTP i aloso think alot i could be both…

  22. This isn’t right, sorry. I am an N, not S, and that type description isn’t me at all. I don’t focus on the details of life, like leading or have skill with facts, numbers and figures. Maybe I answered wrong because I’m at work and I’m forced to be more S here? I have always gotten INFJ on other tests.

  23. What great work you do Erik! I was thinking you might actually be an ISTJ and I answered the test as if I was you (unusual slant on this I know) and I got INFJ (turbulent)!. Then I answered the test as if I was me (haha, as if…), and I thought that I was answering differently as me to what I thought I answered as you (lol), and I got INFJ (flow)! And I invariably test as INFJ on other MBTI tests (save for a few anomalies). I had thought, when I got INFJ for you, that because of my different answers etc, I would not get the result for me being INFJ.

  24. Well this is the first time I got ISTP .. On all the other tests I’ve made (and from the observations of those who know me), I always got INFJ. I’m really confused, honestly. I read the ISTP description and a lot of it fits, though.

  25. I am ENFP but got ENTJ here. It’s true though that I’m a very goal-driven, ambitious ENFP. I guess it has to do with enneagrams too, and how I was raised.

  26. In MBTI and Socionics, I would fall into the INFJ category, and in this test I got INTJ. I think the biggest difference I spotted in this system is how Si is treated. The description I read of Si seems to be more like a combination of Ti or Te in relation to the senses where as I have always understood Si to be more of how one is personally affected by the senses being more focused on the impact of the experience rather than where to go and what to do with that information. I also have had the hardest time understanding Si than any of the other functions, so I am not sure if this is an actual difference in the traditional understanding of what this function is and if so I’d be interested to see what led to this different understanding of Si. That said, I do like how this test does specify and explain points toward each function rather than just I over E, T over F, and N over S. It can be much more useful especially for people new to typology in understanding what their type really means in regard to them as individuals.

  27. Hey Erik ! Thank you for the work you are doing. Human nature is such a deep complex mesmerizing part of the world. For the outter I tend to reflect on the why, why are they as they are, why not otherwise ? And for myself how, How can I have a better harmony between my deep core and my life.
    I am an INFP and got ENFP.

    Life would have been simpler if I was extroverted. Or would it really be ?

  28. Hey Erik, I landed on Intj and recently came to this conclusion myself. I thought I was an Infp then Infj. I didn’t even consider a NT type due to negative programming in childhood even though Ive tested as Intj once before. But once I started looking at it I definitely found myself resonating with the Intj functions and structure. A lot of things made sense. Thank You for all your work and investment into ridding the system of stereotypes.

  29. Got ENFJ for the first time ever. Before, I’ve only ever gotten INTP in the official test with an instructor years ago (and INFP and strangely ISTJ once in 16 Personalities).
    Intuition seems to be what I enjoy doing the most and I’ve always identified as strongly intuitive, more so than knowing what other functions I lean towards. I’ve always thought I had very introverted hobbies and interests, but I still enjoy looking outwards to other people a lot and being around people, though critical and superficial people drain me. I love being around intelligent people but if they have no empathy or compassion I consider that a major deficiency.
    I come from a very strict family with what I think are introverted sensing parents and introverted feeling siblings and I never felt like I fitted in. Apart from that I was abused as a child and then scapegoated which I rebelled against and tried to protect others against, but it’s not in my nature to hate.

  30. Got ENFP when I’m an INFP, however I’m more of an ambivert and have a few times in my life had this result. But I know I relate to INFP on a consistent basis.

  31. April 2020. As with all personality tests, I’m sceptical about the results, ever since I learned that they may not give the accurate type. With this test I got the ENTP. It might be possible, given that this test focus on the cognitive functions. Although, why limit the possibilities? This test is an interesting idea Erik, and I appreciate it. Thank you for creating it! Currently it will serve as complentary to the learning about my cognitive functions. There were some statements being difficult to answer. Number 13, 18 and 23, if I remember correctly, requiered quite some focus inwards. I tried interprete (well, a N – type thing to do) all the statements and options and see the correlation to the cognitive functions and guess possible test results.
    I had a friend fill in the test and that resulted in me being an INFP.
    Well, the human mind is fascinating, looking forward to learn more, no matter the type I might be.

  32. I’m not sure about the results of this test. I always get NF for all type tests I do and trying to work out if I am INFJ, ENFJ or ENFP. As I am borderline in I/E and the J/P dichotomies. I love people but can also be shy at times depending on who I am around.

  33. I’ve taken many MBTI type tests and have always been typed INFP, this one was no different. I really appreciated that the questions were different from the standard Myers Briggs tests. I kind of think that it makes it harder to manipulate one’s answers (not that everyone does that), but I feel that when you have a type you think you are or want to be in mind, it’s easier to choose answers that will guide you to that result. That being said, I would say the accuracy of this test is high, if not spot on. 🙂

    1. I got infp on a different test yesterday and intj on this test. My introversion was at a 90 to 10 extroversion yesterday and I think 46 extroversion to 54 introversion with this test. Very interesting and I think some of these things very well depend on mood. I tend to feel like completely different people at different times. But overall very interesting and good to have more insight. I would never put down someone’s test. I only use multiple results for more insight into myself. I don’t think I could ever fully identify with one personality type. Nor am I using these test to identify with my true self. That’s what meditation is for!

  34. I got ENTP and I’m an ENFP :’)
    But I’m a scientist, maybe career and having two scientific parents who taught me to apply the scientific method and use logic since I was a kid especially when making decisions it’s why I got this result 🙂 Good test nevertheless!

  35. I got ENTP despite being an INTP ??? Lol i fucking hate it when i have to stay in a group of 3 or more people, and it tiring me out

  36. Well I think it was way off for me. Maybe due to the fact that I kinda randomly answered in the direction I did for some questions, because I agreed or disagreed partially (depending on situation or interpretation). Anyway, I’ve taken a few other tests and watched/read many things which helped me decide whether I belonged to one type or other. So I’ve been used to consider myself an INFP. Introverted is the one thing Ive always been absolutely sure of. But this test calls me an ENFJ! No. Lol Not even close. 🙄 I think, though , that it might have to do with the fact that I said I’m concerned about helping and understanding other people (or something like that)? That’s true. But I don’t think that makes me an extrovert.When I’m among other people, even close friends, I need to recharge for a couple of days by myself! Won’t even answer the phone if I can avoid it.

  37. I have confirmed my type many times as an INTP but on Eirk’s test I got ENTP. I have health problems so it’s hard to say if that has made my preference more introverted. I do agree that my values are more ENTP (I love to debate, implement new ideas, be creative) but my physical energy is INTP and when I am stressed I do feel rushed so yeah, I’m pretty sure I am INTP. It says my ideal partner is INFP, which are all very beautiful souls but I am passionately in love with an INFJ and it seems like we were made for each other- confirming my INTP type (golden couple). I don’t think I have the energy to be in a balanced romantic relationship with an INFP- we both would be reading too much poetry, debating the world’s problems and exploring theories so much that no house work would get done- I need my INFJ to keep me on track so I don’t diappear into my world of theories and ideas.

  38. After listening to this video- maybe I am an ENTP (rather than INTP)- I am a rebel, also always looking at potentials of people, insanely curious about the world and people specifically… hmmm

  39. This test typed me accurately as INTP (not a surprise as I lean very strongly INTP), but my ideal partner is an ISTP? I don’t think so. In fact I could invert that to ENFJ and get a better recommendation. No offense to the sensors out there, most of you are good people, but y’all are shallow. An intuitive feeler would be my ideal partner, because we thinker types are shivering in the cold and need someone to come along and warm us up.

  40. ENTJ? That’s a surprise. If I had to choose between being alone and having company, I’d choose being alone anytime of the day.

  41. I got ENFP. 3 out of 4, I guess? (I usually test as INFP elsewhere, with the occasional INFJ result when I’m under a lot of stress.) The E is wildly inaccurate. I thought I saw a few questions with “and” that were actually two different questions within a single one, and I wasn’t quite sure how to answer those.

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