Personality Test

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Take this personality test to find out your personality type when you are in a state of flow. This MBTI test measures your top cognitive functions and gives you a personality type response based on which cognitive functions you identify with the most. It also gives you an Enneagram test result. This MBTI test result reflects your strongest interests and passions, while the Enneagram result describes your normal behavior and how you act and appear to others in regular day to day situations.

A score between 30-45 or 55-70 is considered a good result, and nobody should get a score above 75 or below 25, as this indicates being imbalanced in the Neojungian system. Frequently asked questions about the test

After you are done, take a moment to review the test here.

1.I enjoy to think about whats next and what will happen in the near future
2.I become restless easily and need frequent change
3.I enjoy being physically active and energetic
4.I take too long to think about things
5.I enjoy to just sit down by myself and imagine things
6.I struggle to adjust to new people and new things
7.I enjoy strength and hard work
8.It’s difficult for me to open up and try new things
9.I tend to see multiple sides and viewpoints to things
10.I find it difficult to challenge and push others
11.I enjoy visualising the future and where I am going
12.It’s difficult for me to feel satisfied with something
13.It’s hard for me to abide by the group conduct and social norms
14.I tend to spread a positive social aura and atmosphere around me
15.I like to be kind, nice, and friendly to others
16.It’s hard for me to relax and let loose
17.I like to follow guidelines and instructions
18.It’s difficult for me to think realistically about something
19.I enjoy to speak about my honest feelings and opinions about things
20.I am afraid to appear weird or strange to others
21.I prefer doing things in the here-and-now
22.I am afraid to be ordinary
23.I like to keep a neat and orderly environment
24.I tend to be critical of new things
25.I value having a personal style and unique self-expression
26.I find it hard to be serious
27.I want my goals and decisions to be based on logic, reason, and rules
28.I find it hard to cooperate with and get along with others
29.I don’t like having to be spontaneous or to improvise in a situation
30.I find it hard to do things on my own
31.I tend to always want to be the best at what I do
32.I need variation and new things
33.It’s important for me to be ethical and honest
34.I like to just sit down and take my time to think about things
35.I tend to be very pushy and aggressive about what I want
36.I tend to be very committed and loyal to others
37.I’m afraid of being confined in a box or stereotype
38.It is hard for me to admit that I can make mistakes or be wrong
39.I struggle to adjust to change and the future
40.I tend to be very outspoken about what I think and feel
41.I get easily overwhelmed by sensory stimulation
42.I like taking risks and seeking thrills
43.It’s easy for me to set my feelings aside and make a rational decision
44.It’s easy for me to fit in and get along with others
45.It’s difficult for me to speak about what I think and feel
46.I tend to be described as weird or eccentric
47.It’s difficult for me to make and follow through on a plan
48.I want things to be safe and simple
49.I struggle to play the game and play things with intelligence
50.I tend to easily see the fun or joke in a situation
51.I struggle to listen to and recognise my own feelings
52.I like to collaborate with and support others
53.I find it difficult and boring to sit down and daydream about something
54.I fear becoming another peg in the wheel, being like everyone else
55.I tend to go my own way and do things on my own
56.I struggle to go along with the rules or a set strategy
57.I want to always be one of the top performers
58.I don’t enjoy to be spontaneous and go with the flow
59.I find it hard to deal with other people’s feelings and opinions
60.I struggle with changes and disruptions to my daily routine
61.I don’t like to just sit and think about something
62.I find it boring to narrow down, organize, and set things straight
63.I need to always try to fix or improve things
64.I tend to be accepting and forgiving of others