Personality Test (5 min)

Erik Thor’s Flow Type Test

Summer 2019 Update

This 5 minute personality test gives you an idea of who you are in flow – and what you are like when in stress. Think back to times at work and with friends and family that you enjoyed, and times you found more difficult. Everyone has their own unique set of values and their own unique cognitive functions.


Want accurate results? Save the link and send it over to me for an analysis. Try to be honest and think about what you really love and what you enjoy more than other things. Avoid neutral answers. Want to know more and understand your result better? My Patreons can book a coaching session and talk over skype or e-mail about their results!


Enjoy and good luck!

1.My mind loves spinning plans about possible future discoveries or opportunities
2.I love the sensation of being on stage, performing and just enjoying the moment
3.I’m a natural philosopher, I really enjoy developing theories
4.I enjoy and find it easy to influence people to follow my command
5.I can easily come up with many multiple ideas, options and changes
6.I’m a natural strategist and systems-thinker, and I love being the one in control
7.I love to trade and barter, and my mind is always weighing pro’s and con’s
8.I enjoy having a supportive role, helping the group realise their dreams
9.I like to take notes of every little thing that happens around me
10.I enjoy working together with a supportive and democratic team
11.I like to live life on a day-by-day basis, I always start with what is right in front of me
12.To me, life has a certain rhythm and order to it. I like organising and making everything look neat and tidy.
13.I like focusing on what’s on the inside, what people feel, what they want, what they need
14.I like picking things apart, seeing how they work, making sure everything is correct
15.My mind is most fascinated with the long term future and realising one concept or vision
16.I care deeply about the individual, and everyone’s right to realise their personal feelings and dreams
17.I tend to feel scared and anxious in new or unfamiliar environments
18.I become quickly overwhelmed and drained when there is a lot happening around me
19.I often feel anxious if I’m left alone with my own thoughts
20.I can become easily bored when there’s nothing new to do
21.I find new updates and changes to be stressful
22.I become easily stressed in fast-paced and action oriented environments
23.I start feeling constrained and limited if I can’t do something new
24.I tend to get worried when I think about my future
25.I often find emotions to be icky and annoying
26.I find it tiring and burdensome to be in charge
27.I can become easily annoyed by feedback and criticism
28.I tend to become easily annoyed if I have to work with other people
29.I find it hard to think about social expectations
30.I find it stressful to debate and compete with others
31.I find it hard to talk about and be myself around others
32.I don’t like to do what I’m told

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