Erik Thors Personality Test (MBTI Test & Enneagram Test)

The test received a major update 23rd of may 13.30. Let me know if anything sounds wrong with your result. Remember to save the link!

My personality test asks you questions about your cognitive functions and assigns you a personality type based on which cognitive functions you show a strong preference for. It also studies your mindset and how you see the world, giving you one of the more extensive MBTI personality reports available anywhere. The test also gives you an Enneagram test result, so you can compare and contrast between the two systems.The test puts many stereotypes about personality, and introverts and extroverts into question by separating between outgoing introverts, and more reserved and analytical extroverts. The goal is to challenge stereotypes and to help you understand your personality in more dimensions than before. Feel free to send me your results if you have any questions about your result or feedback on the test or a question. Good luck, and have fun!

1.I like to look at clues and puzzles hidden in the world outside
2.I like changing things up frequently and finding different ways to do things
3.I love making things more concrete and practical and real
4.I spend a lot of time reflecting and preparing before I make a change
5.I feel at my best when thinking about theories and existential questions
6.I like having passionate arguments and conflicts with others
7.I enjoy seeing and thinking about how the environment around me works
8.I prefer to stick to what has already been tested and true
9.I enjoy thinking about what could change from situation to situation
10.I enjoy becoming better and seeing how I can improve at something
11.I love coming up with rules and strategies that can help me become more successful
12.I like learning about different ways to do things
13.I enjoy being able to try out different rules or play around with the game plan
14.I like having some important long term pursuit or ambition
15.I value creating a social atmosphere and making people feel a part of a group or a community
16.I enjoy just going out and trying and doing my best, whatever happens
17.I enjoy thinking about how to do something in high detail, step by step
18.I like to be in situations where odd or unusual things happen frequently
19.I enjoy getting to know other people better, hearing about their lives, what they do, and who they are
20.I like to adjust my actions and my behavior to the group
21.I enjoy paying attention to my surroundings and the things in my environment
22.I like being able to act freely and to be weird around others
23.I appreciate to see things happen according to a rhythm or a natural order
24.I appreciate discussing social norms and how to behave with others
25.I like spending time by myself, thinking about my deeper feelings and who I really am deep down
26.I spend a lot of time working to be a better person
27.I appreciate learning more about a task, how to do it better and how it works
28.I want to be popular and admired for what I do and how I do it
29.I like to explore and imagine what could come to happen overtime
30.I like to be appreciated for what I do and for the help I give
31.I love making people happy and spreading good vibes and feelings around me
32.I like open-mindedly sharing new ideas and new discoveries with other people
33.I value having honest conversations about feelings and personal issues
34.I enjoy having a natural healthy doubt and finding out after careful thought that something was the other way around
35.I like being able to fight for something that matters to me
36.I prefer to stick to what I know and to take time to avoid change when possible
37.I enjoy and value observing an opportunity or possibility
38.I enjoy taking responsibility for what is being done and how it is done
39.I enjoy and value doing things step by step, one thing at a time
40.I like to try things out and see what will happen
41.I enjoy and value coming up with theories and abstract concepts
42.I appreciate when other people try out new and weird things around me
43.I like thinking of ways to do things faster and better by trying out different techniques
44.I like helping people adjust and fit in better socially
45.I like planning and designing things
46.I enjoy being able to do unusual and new things around people
47.I like listening to another person, getting to know how they really feel about things
48.I enjoy trying to fit in better with people and to adjust to people’s expectations
49.It is very fun to me to connect with a person and to build a relationship with someone
50.I like thinking about unique things I could create or do
51.I like getting to know my environment and how it operates, who does what, and what buttons to press, and when
52.I enjoy knowing other people or the environment needs me and that I am important
53.I enjoy and value being in the moment having great experiences
54.I enjoy learning more about people and their hidden intentions and motivations
55.I enjoy doing things because they may make me more successful or skilled
56.I like learning more about myself and who I am and my relationships to others
57.I like to spend most of my time on playful and recreative activities
58.I appreciate the ability to speculate and come up with abstract explanations to things
59.I enjoy thinking about how things work and what they do and their hidden functions and inner machinery
60.I enjoy seeing things repeated and fall into a natural routine
61.I like speculating and finding new answers to various problems
62.I value variation and change and having alternatives in a situation
63.I enjoy just going with the flow and letting things happen naturally
64.I like thinking of ways I can do better at a task