Personality Test (5 min)

Erik Thor’s Flow Type Test

Autumn 2019 Edition

You can be an introvert in many different ways. You might be shy. Or you might be unusually cool-headed. Or perhaps you’re a bit of a daydreamer? It all depends on your personality type. The Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling Perceiving (INFP) type is introverted in the sense that they can be absent minded and distant from their surroundings.

Introspective and focused on their own inner world of dreams, but not necessarily cautious, risk-avoidant, meticulous or patient in the sense we can recognise in some other introverts, like the ISTJ. The INFP is uniquely introverted – and introverted in a unique way.

What type are you and in what way are you Introverted (I), Extroverted (E), iNtuitive (N), Sensing (S), Feeling (F), Thinking (T), Perceiving (P) or Judging (P)?

Want accurate results? Save the link and send it over to me for an analysis. Try to be honest and think about what you really love and what you enjoy more than other things. Avoid neutral answers. Want to know more and understand your result better? My Patreons can book a coaching session and talk over Skype or e-mail about their results!

Enjoy and good luck!

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1.I enjoy philosophy and reflecting deeply on my life, purpose and emotions *
2.I like figuring out and understanding how to use rules and systems to my advantage *
3.I value having and finding proof and evidence to support my beliefs *
4.It is important for me to live according to who I am *
5.I value going on adventures and feeling fully immersed with my surroundings *
6.I enjoy pushing myself to my maximum capacity to see what I can do *
7.I like exploring and reflecting on the value, meaning and potential in things *
8.I enjoy competing with and seeing who can get the highest score *
9.I find it fun to formulate theories, strategies and visions for the future *
10.I like to question ideas and go over different scenarios *
11.I enjoy mapping out different options and possibilities I could explore *
12.I enjoy coming up with and outlining a new goal or project *
13.I’m trend aware and like to keep up with the latest things *
14.I enjoy being spontaneous, doing things on the fly *
15.I like training to completely master a skill or ability *
16.I like studying and gaining knowledge and experience about things *
17.I value offering guidance and support to those who need *
18.I enjoy exercising control and taking responsibility for things *
19.I like to have influence and power over my environment *
20.I enjoy inspiring people to feel joy and passion *
21.I like getting to know more about a person or animal *
22.I enjoy testing and breaking rules and limitations in a system *
23.I like providing advice, feedback and data to aid in decision making *
24.I enjoy dreaming and reflecting on experiences I’ve had *
25.I like to imagine, conceptualise and draw up an ideal or utopia *
26.I enjoy innovating and coming up with the perfect idea or system *
27.I like going over the rules, structure and organisation of a project *
28.I value cleaning and creating a pleasant environment around me *
29.I enjoy cheering people up and making them laugh *
30.I like to fix and improve on tools that aren’t working *
31.I like to test and experiment with a hypothesis *
32.I like to express myself and my beliefs and values *