Personality Test (5 min)

Erik Thor’s Flow Type Test (FTT)

March 2019 Personality Test
With this flow test, you will discover your self-actualised personality type and who you are at your best.


The personality test takes about 5 minutes to complete. Remember to answer honestly and to avoid neutral answers for more accurate results. Want to know more? Leave a donation on Patreon and send in your link for an extended result

Enjoy… and good luck!

1.I enjoy going to new places and trying new things
2.I enjoy performing and entertaining others
3.I enjoy pursuing inner depth, creativity, and originality
4.I enjoy keeping a high score and keeping track of my productivity
5.I love seeing things from many different perspectives
6.I like creating structure and coming up with methods
7.I love having a logical argument or discussion
8.I enjoy having a caregiving and supporting role
9.I enjoy gathering proof, evidence and documentation
10.I like learning about others and who they are
11.I like being spontaneous and taking things as they come
12.I enjoy cleaning and organizing my surroundings
13.I enjoy reflecting about what a person is feeling
14.I like going over something until everything is perfect
15.I like staying committed to one big vision
16.I value building my character and my personal ethics
17.I tend to get stressed in new or unusual environments
18.I find it draining to be fun or entertaining to others
19.I struggle when I’m alone and when nobody sees or hears me
20.I don’t like to explain or prove things to others
21.I struggle to entertain alternative ideas and viewpoints
22.I struggle to explain my ideas and views to normal people
23.I struggle with lack of self-discipline and follow through
24.I don’t like to be seen as unusual or different
25.I struggle to reflect on and accept my own feelings
26.I’m afraid to demonstrate my power and to charge ahead of others
27.I struggle to listen to advice and critical feedback
28.I find it hard to trust and cooperate with others
29.I struggle to stay loyal and available to others
30.I dislike logical arguments and debates
31.I dislike making decisions based on my feelings in the situation
32.I don’t like to follow rulebooks and systems