16 Personalities Test (5 min)

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Winter 2019 Edition

Warm up your soul this winter with my 16 personalities personality test. I use a nuanced model of 16 cognitive functions to ask questions that will pinpoint your core values and who you are in a state of flow.

Flow is when you are at your best. I believe your MBTI type reflects who you are when you are the most happy, the most engaged, the most fulfilled, the most satisfied with yourself.

My Myers Briggs Test

The classic Myers Briggs Test believes there are Introverted (I), Extroverted (E), iNtuitive (N), Sensing (S), Feeling (F), Thinking (T), Perceiving (P) or Judging (P) personality types. I believe no introvert is like the other. You can’t figure out a persons type simply by asking them whether they are more introverted or more extroverted. I test for 8 unique forms of introversion, 8 unique forms of extroversion, and use nuanced and dynamic methods to figure out your personality type based on who you are in flow.

Want accurate results? Save the link and send it over to me for an analysis. Try to be honest and think about what you really love and what you enjoy more than other things. Avoid neutral answers. Want to know more and understand your result better? My Patreons can book a coaching session and talk over Skype or e-mail about their results!

Good luck on my personality test!

1.I enjoy philosophy and reflecting on my life, purpose and feelings
2.I enjoy questioning ideas from different perspectives, trying to figure out the truth or right answer
3.I like spending time gathering and testing the evidence before I form an opinion about something
4.I like learning about and reflecting on my past and where I come from
5.I like making sure everyone is enjoying themselves and having fun
6.I enjoy testing my skills and abilities against other people
7.I like discussing dreams and feelings from different perspectives
8.I enjoy experimenting, arguing and testing out different ideas with others
9.I enjoy coming up with fantasy worlds or abstract systems
10.I like to question myself and reflect on various hypothetical scenarios
11.I enjoy exploring and trying out different options or possibilities
12.I enjoy coming up with and outlining a new goal or project
13.I like to plan new trends and fun events
14.I enjoy being spontaneous, doing things on the fly
15.I enjoy explaining and making something clear to others
16.I like to be completely in control of when and what I am doing on a day
17.I like to take care of and support those who need me
18.I like to know everything about how the systems around me work
19.I enjoy being in charge and telling others what to do and how to do something
20.I like to spread a positive and friendly atmosphere everywhere I go
21.I like to discuss my ethical views and beliefs with others
22.I enjoy arguing with others
23.I like providing advice, feedback and data to aid in decision making
24.I enjoy to reflect on my own thoughts and feelings about something
25.I have very strong ideals about what I should do or who I should be
26.I enjoy using strategies or systems to make decisions
27.I need a lot of structure and organisation to feel relaxed
28.I need my environment to be clean and beautiful
29.I enjoy being spontaneous enough to say or do whatever I feel in the moment
30.I like to be my own boss, making my own money and career
31.I have a million business or project ideas I’d like to try
32.I have many complex, paradoxical beliefs and values

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