INFP – The Utopian

The INFP Personality Type


The INFP personality type is highly introspective and seeks meaning and truth. They are highly individualistic and want the freedom to be themselves.

E/I Introversion (I) I Extroversion (E)

48.75 out of 100

<50% Introversion 50%> Extroversion
Patience Initiative
Introverts are more steady and patient, taking fewer risks. Extroverts are initiative-rich, fast-paced and less cautious.

N/S Sensing (S) I iNtuition (N)

57.5 out of 100

50%> Sensory (S) <50% iNtuition (N)
Sensory types are more driven and consistent in their hobbies and work. As an iNtuitive, you respond more positively to novelty and change.

T/F Feeling (F) I Thinking (T)

47.5 out of 100

<50% Feeling (F) 50%> Thinking (T)
Feeling types deal with life existentially, focusing on how things are perceived and felt. Thinking types respond to life critically, looking at it as a problem to be solved.

J/P Perceiving (P) I Judging (J)

48.75 out of 100

<50% Perceiving (P) 50%> Judging (J)
Freedom Control
Perceiving types keep their mind open to change and think more about short-term options. Judging types favour long-term goals and respond better to environments with rules, limitations and focus.

A/T – Turbulent (T) I Assertive (A)

51.5 out of 100

<50% Turbulent (T) 50%> Assertive (A)
Conscience Confidence
Turbulent types demonstrate higher conscience and are more focused on doing things correctly. Assertive types are less likely to doubt themselves. They make decisions quickly.


(Fe) Extraverted Feeling – The Diplomat

45 out of 100
Your ability to accurately understand how other people are feeling and what they want.

(Fi) Introverted Feeling – The Counsellor

60 out of 100
Your self-awareness and your ability to define and explain yourself and your feelings.

(Ne) Extraverted Intuition – The Detective

52.5 out of 100
Your ability to accurately understand and predict patterns and comprehend abstract topics quickly.

(Ni) Introverted iNtuition – The Philosopher

62.5 out of 100
Your ability to explain abstract or theoretical matters without relying on experience or outside information.

(Se) Extraverted Sensing – The Adventurer

37.5 out of 100
Your ability to accurately observe, describe and understanding your immediate surroundings and your environment.

(Si) Introverted Sensing – The Teacher

47.5 out of 100
Your skill at understanding facts, numbers and figures as well as how to, in an as exact manner as possible, explain or do something.

(Te) Extraverted Thinking – The Doer

40 out of 100
Your ability to understand the system and hierarchy around you, who is in charge, who does what, and how to get something done.

(Ti) Introverted Thinking – The Scientist

55 out of 100
If you scored high on this, you’re probably good at logical, rational deductions and diagnostics.

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Firstly, personality psychology can help you become more self-aware. Secondly, you can use it to make better decisions that will make you a happier and more fulfilled person. Finally, I believe my personality types can also help you find personal growth. Make better decisions in your career and in your relationships. Build a lifestyle that will put you in a state of flow. So what is your personality type?

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I developed this test with inspiration from the NJTI-4. The NJTI-4 is a test built on modern discoveries in neuroscience and personality psychology.

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