Ideal Partner Personality Test

What personality type is your ideal match? 

My ideal partner test can help you reflect on and put into paper what you want or like about your partner or what you would like in a future relationship. It can also help awaken you to things you might struggle with in a relationship or what you may be lacking in current relationships.

The test takes about 5 minutes and by taking the test you can help me research into what people love and are attracted to in a potential partner, based on their own personality type. By taking the test, you will also receive the seven days to flow package with personal growth advice to kickstart your journey to flow and personal well-being.

Best of luck!

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1.I am attracted to positive or optimistic people *
2.I am drawn to confident and bold people *
3.I am drawn to sensitive and deep people *
4.I like curious and creative people *
5.I like people that are easy going and calm *
6.I like people who approach life critically and rationally *
7.I am attracted to smart and self-assured people *
8.I like people that are sweet and shy *
9.I like a partner that will be diplomatic and considerate to my feelings *
10.I don’t like people that try to fit their needs or feelings to mine *
11.I like a partner that will try to push me to be better *
12.I like people that are playful and entertaining *
13.I like a people that are complicated and deep *
14.I like people that are constructive and practical *
15.I am attracted to people with complex thoughts and ideas *
16.I like people who are sure of what they want and like *
17.I like people that wait and listen before they give their opinion *
18.I like people that can stand up and take initiative *
19.I like people who are confident in themselves and their abilities *
20.I like people that can control their temper and feelings *
21.I like a partner that will speak openly and frankly about how they feel *
22.I like people that can think rationally about all sides to a topic *
23.I am drawn to people that are warm and friendly *
24.I like people with a clear goal or plan *
25.I like people that plan and think about the future *
26.I am drawn to people that can see a discussion from several viewpoints *
27.I like a person that can see many possibilities *
28.I am attracted to people who dream and act boldly *
29.I am drawn to people that are secure in their goals and lifestyle *
30.I like people that are responsible and reliable *
31.I enjoy being around spontaneous and sportsy types *
32.I like people that are self-sufficient and easygoing *

If you already know your own personality type, fill this out

If you already have a favourite type, let me know!


  1. nafsassy

    An ENFP and boy my surprise getting INFJ XD Normally thought is go for thinkers but honking about it (lol) is much rather they have an emotional personality and supportive vibes so yayayayay

  2. Peter S

    There was only a couple qualities that I didn’t like, and only a few that I felt strongly about. Evidently I haven’t given this topic enough thought. The result was INTJ.

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