The Stress Code: What Personality Type Are You Under Stress?

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The situation since the past weeks has hit me really hard. I have felt so anxious lately. My thoughts are everywhere and I find it hard to focus on anything. I am constantly overwhelmed. As I collected those thoughts in myself I thought I wanted to check in with all of you. How are you doing? That’s why I’m doing a survey on the impact of stress on your personality.

While everyone has a flow type, reflecting who they are in a positive state of flow and well-being, the Corona crisis has had a major impact on our personality and behaviour. Today, help me research and understand better how the Corona crisis has impacted you personally. Are you feeling like a different person than usual?

How have you been changed or impacted by everything that is happening around you? Take my survey and help me find out how different types respond to the situation. Has your personality or behaviour changed since these events in any specific way and has this had an impact on your health or well-being? Are you in touch with yourself and how are you managing?

I designed this test to help people find their way back to being themselves even though they feel stress or anxiety about a situation. I think while it is important we make many changes in our lifestyle during these times, it is also important that you can find joy and well-being during even the most difficult situations. I hope this personality survey can be a step in the right direction. I will be looking through the results later and I hope to get a better understanding of how different types are impacted by stress and I hope to share the results with all of you soon. Thank you for the help!

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1.When stressed, I spend more time daydreaming or fantasizing *
2.I am more focused on creative projects than usual *
3.I am more focused on my duties and responsibilities than normal *
4.I am more organised and self-disciplined than usual *
5.I am more busy thinking of new things to do *
6.I make changes more quickly than before *
7.I spend more time talking with people around me than before *
8.I am more spontaneous than usual *
9.I am more focused on helping other people *
10.I am more helpful or supportive to others *
11.I am more introspective than usual *
12.I am more outspoken about my feelings and values than normal *
13.I think more critically about life and politics *
14.I spend more time discussing my thoughts and ideas than usual *
15.I am more involved with politics and society *
16.I am more decisive and spend more time planning *
17.I spend less time outside and with other people *
18.I am more stubborn and less spontaneous *
19.I am less eager to change things around or try new things *
20.I am less flexible to new ideas *
21.I spend less time thinking about the future *
22.I find it harder to sit down and focus than usual *
23.I have less of a routine or stability than usual *
24.I am less disciplined than normal *
25.I am less critical or suspicious of other people *
26.I am more conflict avoidant than usual *
27.I am less sensitive than usual *
28.I am less honest than usual *
29.I feel more weak than usual *
30.I find it harder to be productive or useful than normal *
31.I feel more annoyed with people than usual *
32.I am less diplomatic than normal *
33.My personality type is *
34.How Introverted are you normally from scale 1-10 *
35.How iNtuitive are you normally from scale 1-10? *
36.How Feeling are you normally from scale 1-10? *
37.How Judging are you normally from scale 1-10? *
38.How Confident are you normally? *


  1. Lesley Grant

    Thank you Erik. I think that the test results are fairly accurate. If I was working (I am on leave) I know I would be more scattered and vague and really struggling to be organised and efficient. Being at home means I can be like that and it is OK. I can’t handle the usual routines. I mostly sit and crochet and watch my YouTube channels. I hope you stay well and balanced and thank you for putting up content for us especially at this time xx

  2. Julie

    ENFP -> ISFJ
    I am present, I take care of my needs, I eat healthy, I exercise. I don’t wanna watch Netflix/YouTube/read/study/talk. I AM ANOTHER PERSON. You are right. And I feel healthy. I don’t sit and feel my depressed feelings. I don’t dwell. I get up and do something about it. I don’t think about the future, I feel bad when I by habit start thinking of plans. I just want to be here now. It scares the shit out of me. It looks healthy, positive. It feels fucked up. I don’t trust it. I don’t recognize myself. I don’t feel safe. I also feel really drained, sleep A LOT. Still feel fatigue throughout the day. Still I manage to do everything to make myself feel fulfilled. It’s super odd.

    1. Lore F

      Thank you for this, Erik! It is evident to me, and so many others that you have a wonderful and generous heart. I know how you are feeling, but know that we are here going through it with you. Together, apart.

      In stress, I go from INFJ to INTP, and especially now with the virus. I think I need to fact check every source, research the truth, identify ways that myself and my family can do something to help be more responsible, conscientious citizens. I feel like a thinker right now, and my emotions feel a bit muffled. Almost as if they were put under lock and key until I know it is safe again. It is absolutely exhausting because my worried thoughts are on overdrive. As an introvert, I don’t feel a huge change, but there is this loss of freedom being told you have to remain indoors. Somehow, solitude is less alluring when it is presented in this way, so my instinct is telling me this is bad and different…eventhough solitude is sacred to us INFJs. We don’t know what the future holds.

      Anyway, I wish you well as you journey through these changes. Thank you for doing this exceptional work. Love and light to you. -Lore

  3. Jennifer

    Thank you, Erik, for taking time to do this study. I find it quite interesting and a great attempt to bring people closer together during this time. You certainly have put a long of time and thought into this project.

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