What Personality Type is X?

I developed this test to help people learn how to type and profile friend’s and family members. Use this test to figure out the type of your friends or family members, or test your friends and family members and see how they would describe you!

I developed this test to help you get on paper an objective method to type other people. Personality profiling would be a lot more accurate if we not just tried to guess the type of another person but instead went through, step by step, what we see in the other person and learned to balance out and note down everything we saw about a person.

If you want help figuring out somebody’s personality type, become a Patron at www.patreon.com/erikthor for 20$ or more. If you want to find out your own type, take the Flow Type test here.

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1.The person tends to put personal projects and responsibilities first *
2.The person does not speak out for himself enough *
3.The person is free spirited and expressive *
4.The person finds it hard to take time to themselves and their own needs *
5.The person has high ideals and values *
6.The person is intelligent and opinionated *
7.The person is steady and dependable *
8.The person is friendly and easy to talk to *
9.The person finds it hard to leave the house and try new things *
10.The person has strong values and a strong sense of self *
11.The person finds it hard to sit still and focus *
12.The person is always trying to be the center of everyone’s attention *
13.The person is gloomy or melancholy *
14.The person is critical or detached *
15.The person is hot tempered and strong willed *
16.The person is cheerful and positive *

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What do you type the other person as?

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  1. Lore F

    Erik, just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the time you took to create this resource! I did notice that question 2 is stated in the negative, which when answering can become confusing because you then have to choose a double negative answer like (the person does not speak out for himself enough…a)no, not at all). It should be stated as a positive for it to make sense, as in the person usually speaks out for himself…a)no, not at all. Otherwise it reads, the person does not speak out for himself enough, no not at all (he does speak out for himself) or no not at all (he is subdued). The answer can have different meanings when stated in the negative. I really hope this makes sense! I have followed your material for a few years now, and I am amazed at how far you’ve come! You are doing a wonderful job, and you’re helping so many people! All the best!- Lore

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