Values Test

Eriks Thor’s Hero’s Journey’s Test (HJT)

May 2019 Beta Launch

This is the first draft and a new experiment of mine. The goal is to describe how our values grow and mature throughout our life. I believe our values grow in a somewhat predictable manner, starting out with a focus on our survival and protection, and later becoming more focused on things like family, pleasure, achievement, community, self-realisation and ultimately self-transcendence. The test pits different ideas and values against each others. In the end you get a result based on which values you tend to consistently rate as higher or more important than others.

The test is experimental and scores have yet to be weighted. If you have any feedback, save the link and save it to me using the chat button in the bottom right corner. Inspiration from this test was taken by studying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Graves Spiral Dynamics model. It also takes inspiration from Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. Ultimately, it is a way to help every personality type understand the difference between personal growth and personality. 

1.I would put my own safety above anything else
2.I will do anything to be respected by my superiors
3.I most of all want to have power and authority
4.I would do anything for my family or tribe
5.I want to be rich and successful
6.I believe I have an important purpose in the world
7.I am dedicated to doing what I love
8.I want most of all to feel connected to the world around me
9.I am dedicated to changing the world
10.I would put my own survival before anything else
11.I would always do what my superiors told me to
12.I would do anything to get what I want
13.My identity is the most important thing to me
14.My success is the most important thing to me
15.Most important to me is to be of use to others
16.My passions and hobbies are the most important to me
17.The most important thing to me is to feel connected to the world
18.I am of spiritual importance to this world
19.I often sabotage my own success
20.I have no control over my own impulses
21.I would do anything to avoid threats and scary situations
22.I would always look to my own needs before anyone else’s
23.I would put the law above my own opinions
24.I would do what I want before I thought about what was wise
25.My identity and clan is more important than my vision
26.I would help a stranger even if it was at my own inconvenience
27.I would rather go my own way than follow the stream
28.I would rather try to understand than try to judge
29.It is more important that people remember my ideas than that they remember me
30.I would be prepared to sabotage myself in order to stay alive
31.I would rather be selfish than let myself be used by others
32.I would rather do what I was told than think for myself
33.It is better to be wise than to be strong
34.I am more focused on spreading my ideas than representing my tribe
35.I am more focused on becoming successful than on self-preservation
36.My current focus is on my direct needs and safety
37.My primary focus now is on my duties and obligations to others
38.My primary focus now is on my identity and who I am
39.My focus right now is on my abilities and my achievements
40.I am currently most focused on my community and what I can contribute to the world
41.I am currently most oriented towards my passion and my own unique journey
42.My primary focus now is on learning and understanding the world around me
43.I am currently most concerned with enlightening others and transforming perspectives
44.I find myself thinking a lot about my fears and threats
45.I tend to often think about my practical needs and situation
46.I think the most about the rules and my duties to others
47.I think a lot about how powerful and respected I am
48.I think much about my identity and how I come across
49.I am most focused on speaking out for myself and getting power
50.I am primarily focused with status and material wealth

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