Which Idealist (NF) Are You?

Are you an INFP or INFJ? An ENFP or an ENFJ? Or perhaps an INFP or ENFP? This personality test focuses on the four idealists. Dreamers who seek harmony, love, freedom, and insight. They are typically more peacefully inclined and tend to be more common in less populated environments of the world, small indie groups, new entrepreneurship projects, their ideas can appear soft and unrealistic at times. Their primary focus is on people, values, dreams and vague ideals. It’s more about achieving a certain feeling of quality and understanding and balance.

This NF test goes through the idealists from multiple perspectives showing dimensions regular MBTI tests will miss. Because it focuses on four types, its accuracy should be higher than the average personality test. I hope it will be providing more in-depth insight into the differences between these four types. I tend to say that NFs have fairly similar values yet different attitudes. The INFP is an editor, who channels their intuition to see ways to improve and fix the world.

The INFJ is more of a creative, who focuses on drawing up broad concepts and philosophical theories for how the world ought to be. Far from facts, yet deep. The NF test shows the NF who loves to gather and seek new ideas and options, like the ENFP. It then contrasts them against the ENFJ who tries to build a world around their grand and broad ideas and entrepreneurial projects. So take the NF test now and share it with your friends – let them know which kind of idealist you are.

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1.I do well at forming dreams and values *
2.I’m good at implementing and testing ideas and concepts *
3.I tend to be good at spreading and communicating ideals and values *
4.I’m good at providing feedback and advice on a dream or idea *
5.I do well at coming up with ideologies and beliefs *
6.I tend to be good at coaching people on their ideas *
7.I do well at offering supportive personal input *
8.I’m good at finding ways to express my feelings and values *
9.I tend to be good at helping people gather different ideas and viewpoints *
10.I do well at organising and structuring people’s ideas *
11.I’m good at thinking up ways to change my environment *
12.I’m good at designing ideas that will help people *
13.I’m good at gathering different views, values and opinions *
14.I do well at analysing and thinking about people and social issues *
15.I tend to be good at making people feel good about the future *
16.I do well at thinking up a utopia or dream world for everyone *

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