The Adventurer Personality Type (7H2Sx)

The Adventurer Archetype

The Adventurers are outgoing and friendly. There is always the next thing to the adventurer. The next quest, the next challenge, the next person to be saved. The Adventurers are courageous but never lose their playful nature, always trying to have fun and to enjoy the moment. We see them climb new hills, we see them as the first to try new things, and we see them as the people that never back away from a challenge.

Steve Irwin, ESFP-7H2Sx The Adventurer.

Behaviour: ENFJ (7/H/2/Sx)

Core values: Discovery, Adventure, Inspiration and Romance

The Adventurer Personality Type

The discovery oriented nature of the 7 and the playful nature of the muse turns this type into a person oriented by the joys of exploration and novelty. Varied and liberal, they can resemble the ENFP in their behaviour. They open up new possibilities and work closely together with others. The adventurers have an idealistic and romantic side. They’re attracted by the thought of saving the world or changing the day or life of others. They are true helpers and good friends, always showing up in times when we need them.

They want to inspire and to rally people to action and tend to act as cheerleaders. There is a joy in going out and meeting people, seeing new things, and making new friends. Within the adventurer lies an enormous inspiration and creative potential, new ideas, new things to do, say, and create. The adventurers main fuel is wanting to help or be of service to the world: They are seeing what they could do, how they could help other people.

The romantic and lustful side of the adventurer makes them interested in depth and connection. They are types that want to go as deep as possible into a topic, unmasking something and seeing its hidden nature. The sexual side of this type makes them see the world with pink coloured glasses. They are seeing the world like true idealists, seeing what people can be, and what things could become when the most beautiful.


Have you ever woken up a day and felt like you wanted to do something new and amazing? Adventuriousness is a mix of novelty-seeking, benevolence, romance, and courage. Steve Irwin throws himself out into the world and dangerous situations, fueled by the desire to test his bravery in nature. He invested in creating major wildlife habits, contributing to the preservation of nature and animals threatened by extinction. His desire was beyond protecting something, also scientific, to understand things and animals and nature in a real way.