The Enneagram Archetypes: The Unique Sixteen Mindsets

The Sixteen Mindsets

The Sixteen Mindsets, The Enneagram Types,
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Enneagram 1 – The Rebel

Reactive types that believe in critical thinking and improving the situation somehow. Wants to make values based decisions (Decider) that will help them achieve their deeper emotional needs (Red) 

Enneagram 2 – The Giver

Works towards managing their material needs (Green) through analyzing their situation, their behavior, and their values. (Reviewer) Believe in taking careful action to meet their needs and getting what they want.

Enneagram 3 – The Performer

Focus on their intellectual needs (Blue) and on how they need to live and act and behave to achieve mental goals. (Reviewer) Believe in taking critical action and doing what they know will get them what they need.

The Muse – Growth Mindset

Typically focused by spiritual needs (Yellow) and spiritual values. Want their morals and their lifestyle to give them energy and stimulation. (Reviewer) Believe in fun and play and being active and free whenever possible. 

Enneagram 4 – The Creator

Generally preoccupied with their emotions and their values and what they believe is right and wrong to feel emotionally. (Reviewer) Work a lot on themselves and their inner emotional state. (Red) Think carefully about how they feel and how to respond to their feelings in a positive way. 

The Social Instinct – The Person

Curious and active types that are primarily focused on spiritual fulfillment. (Yellow) Believe in taking action to get what they want. (Actor) Pursue stimulation and energy in what they do, above all else. Believe in going on instinct. 

The Self-Preservation Instinct – The Healer

Typically focused on their material state and on acquiring comfort and feeling good. (Green) Are careful about how they respond to their instincts (Actor), thinking methodically about how to get and to maintain what they want. 

The Sexual Instinct – The Lover

Curious but careful types that spend a lot of time on their emotional needs. (Red) Have strong emotional instincts (Reviewer) and want to act to become more emotionally stable and fulfilled. Want to feel things and to act on their feelings. 

The Self-Defensive Instinct – The Protector

The Protectors believe in working on their mental state and on their intellectual well being. (Blue) Think carefully about their instincts and what they can do to protect their beliefs and to keep their thoughts in check. (Actor)

Enneagram 5 – The Sage

Mentally preoccupied types that spend much time thinking carefully and critically about life and who they are. (Perceiver) Very curious types that are always going deeper down the rabbit hole, seek intellectual satisfaction in everything they do. (Blue)

Enneagram 6 – The Friend

Often focused on their physical and material balance and well being. Want to see their environment in good order. (Green) Believe in paying attention and thinking carefully about a situation and what it is like. (Perceiver)

Enneagram 7 – The Seeker

The Explorer is mainly oriented by seeking to experience and to perceive the world and to learn from it. (Perceiver) Open-minded and proactive, the seeker wants to show the world to other people and to guide other people through events and experiences. A spiritual type who wants to feel energized and stimulated at all times. (Yellow)

The Warrior – Competitive mindset

You will find the warrior to be a proactive and strong-minded individual with fierce beliefs that they have formed during a long time. (Perceiver)  The warrior seeks to answer to their deeper emotional needs and passionately works to shape the world according to their views. (Red)

Enneagram 8 – The Ruler

The ruler is a strong minded and intellectual type (Blue) focused on acting to meet rational goals and values. (Decider) Thinking critically about how to reach their goals, the Rulers are take-charge individuals focused on making decisions and formulating goals.

Enneagram 9 – The Utopian

Normally, the Enneagram 9 type is focused on balance physically and materially, wanting things to be fair and for everyone to have their needs met. (Green) Optimistic and reactive, this type studies their surroundings carefully and thinks about how to spread happiness around them. (Decider)

The Hero – Brave Mindset

The Hero type is a proactive and optimistic individual, radiating energy and courage outwardly. (Spiritual) They believe in doing things that will stimulate them and give them energy, wanting to be upbeat and happy. They are typically focused on decision making and taking control of their own situation. (Decider)








Focus on what we do with the information we have and how we use our knowledge and perception to our advantage in the moment

Focus on reflecting on what we experience and how we see things and formulating opinions and thoughts about what we learn

Intent is to formulate an opinion or to process our values and what we believe about something. 

The core goal is to make decisions based on our values and what we believe. To meet our values and to decide how to achieve our beliefs

The Person (So)
The Lover (Sx)
The Healer (Sp)
The Protector

The Seeker (7)
The Friend (6)
The Sage (5)
The Fighter

The Giver (2)
The Performer (3)
The Creator (4)
The Muse

The Ruler (8)
The Utopian (9)
The Rebel (1)
The Hero