The Mystic Personality Type (59MSp)


The Mystic




Lover (Sp) Sage (5), Muse (M), Utopian (9)



Core Values

Romance, Awareness, Inspiration and Idealism


Doer, Maker, Changer, Teamplayer,

The Mystic

To the mystic, the world is a romantic mystery, a puzzle. Dreamy and idealistic, the mystic wants to understand and feel at peace with the world. You marvel over mystery and over the chance to figure out secrets most people miss. Your playfulness and your ability to obsess is key here: nobody can go deeper than you in your search for answers.

The mystic tries to weigh and factor in all sides. Often, this can make them appear as a walking paradox. Everything is a question to be answered. The Mystic sees the world as a strange place. Filled with wonder, you are carried by a thirst for deeper understanding. What if? What if? The Mystic can play with numerous eventualities. Anything goes. Anything is possible. While sometimes too naive or innocent, the muse sees and understands more than people think.