The Innovator Archetype (ILCP Description)


The Innovator




Healer (Sp) Creator (4) Sage (5) Rebel (1)

Core Values

Healer (Sp) Creator (4) Sage (5) Rebel (1)

Personality traits

Inwards, Learning, Conscientious, Proactive

The Innovator Archetype (ILCP)

The Innovator Archetype is known for an ability to take on and to improve on ideas, making them better and giving them higher value. The Innovator sees the world full of flaws and issues to fix and hopes to respond to the needs of the people around them by creating things that will respond to their needs in a unique manner. The Innovator generally keeps things to themselves. They gather as much information and knowledge as possible and spend a lot of time perfecting on and fine-tuning their ideas to know they work. They want to be sure an innovation will come out right before they express it to other people.