Thinking Judging – The System Intelligence

Thinking Judging is ambitious and hard-working, striving hard to stay on a goal successfully. With this as your cognitive function in flow, you pride yourself on your ability to achieve results. You feel emotionally successful when you are able to achieve something or accomplish some kind of results. Thinking Judging is a proactive function, focused on making or building something. Perhaps you want to create an enterprise. Maybe you want to accomplish a project, or complete a building or develop an invention. You derive a true and deeper sense of accomplishment when people are able to use your tools and projects to achieve great results.

Nickname: The Builder, The Architect, The Designer
Found in flow types: INTJ, ISTJ, ENTJ, ESTJ
Cognitive function: Thinking Judging
System Intelligence
Body language: Tense upper lips
Key terms: Productive, Serious, Constructive, Structured, Strategic

The Architect Type

What we can see the most in the architect is a desire to make or build something. They pride themselves on what they have done and how well they are able to do what they have set out to do. They plan and set goals and they come up with rules and principles to abide by and follow. Thinking Judging will organise mechanics and systems and logical principles.

You will enjoy designing, building, or programming things. You have a natural mind for business and enterprise. Trading and making agreements with others. You like to set goals and targets for yourself and others. You want to have influence over the system and to feel it is thanks to you that it all works.

You can be a bit of an administrator then, making sure agreements are honoured. You want to stay on target and avoid distractions.

Extroverted Thinking – The System Intelligence

In developing extroverted thinking, you first have to confront your fear of lacking personal significance. Your primary anxiety then is your fear that you lack individual personality. While you keep yourself busy working hard every day, trying your best to accomplish the highest possible results… Others just sail in with a smile and a personality and seem to get everything for free. What if it doesn’t matter how much more you work, and you’ll lose just because other’s are just better liked than you are? (Fp-)

Avoid escaping into other people, making other people’s success your priority. Don’t make other people your projects. Don’t cause your success to be too reliant on what other people do or try to achieve. It can make you difficult and overbearing, inserting your ambitions on other people rather than facing your challenges directly. And it will provide you with less satisfaction. Other people can be an easy escape for you. (Fj/)

Most of all, you need people that will challenge you and test you. Competition can help stimulate you more than anything else. If people will try to topple you and beat your high scores, you’ll be kept on your toes. You’ll get a higher sense of pride and meaning in what you do if there are other people at your level to test your ability. (Tp+) Find people and environments that will allow you to thrive and keep improving yourself.