Thinking Judging – The System Intelligence

Strength: Thinking Judging, Decision making intelligence
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Strength: Thinking Judging, Decision making intelligence

Almost every single Thinking Judging type I’ve encountered, no matter if they are ESTJs or INTJs, love to be in control. They need to feel that they understand the fundamental laws of the universe and that they can arrange the universe in accordance with how they want it to be. In this, they make excellent rulers, people that can set the system and the welfare and success of society above the individual’s whims or wishes.

Thinking Judging types love working with systems, methods, and formulas to solve problems. It’s easier for them when things follow rational criteria and when things can be planned and understood in advance. You have a natural sense of responsibility for the system and for your society, manifested in a desire to create functional structure and architecture or framework for things.

Nickname: The Ruler, The Architect, The Designer
Found in flow types: INTJ, ISTJ, ENTJ, ESTJ
Cognitive function: Thinking Judging
System Intelligence
Key terms: Proactive, Serious, Constructive, Structured, Strategic, Controlling, Planning

Thinking Judging Strengths

From what I have come to learn, thinking judging at its best is a function that gives you a heightened sense of responsibility and a feeling of being in control. You are responsible for your society and your circumstance and your choices are what creates your circumstance. You’re very ambitious and you can push yourself through a bad phase or self pity to do what is necessary.

So Thinking Judging characters strongly believe in the value of hard work and effort, pushing yourself and making the necessary choices to succeed in the system you are a part of. Thinking Judging types tend to naturally feel in charge of other people. So, your ability to make smart decisions and to manage the system and to oversee it, will mean the success of other people in the system.

What I have found is that thinking judging can make you the ideal ruler, someone that can lead and push and control the system and lead a society, a project, or a business to success. Now, a problem is you can sometimes get stuck in the process of strategising and designing the system. You can be so focused on what you can control, you can forget that there is a value in being able to improvise.

You may not be able to predict everything, but you’ll be able to figure out a way to deal with the problems you can’t solve when they come. To develop your thinking and perceiving, focus on developing your skills. That will improve your problem solving and your ability to tackle obstacles in life that you would otherwise get stuck on, and that will make your plans more constructive and realistic.

Thinking Judging Weaknesses

When developing Thinking Judging, you may come to notice that you can sometimes struggle with other people. Sometimes, there are people out there that refuse to go along with your plans. Some people seem to naturally resist your ideas and projects based on personal sentiments and feelings.

It can be hard for you to accept that some people are beyond your control, and you may sometimes feel stressed by these individuals, feeling they may even be a threat to the stability of your project or plan. If you can’t trust them to go along with your strategy, you may falsely assume that they are standing against or are actively opposed to your ideas. This can drive unnecessary conflict for you.

A point of development then is to understand that there are parts of nature that we can’t predict. You can’t control everything, and you may not even want to. If you can factor in and learn to build around unpredictable elements, you may even learn to build to their strengths. Beyond that, you may even learn to recognise your own individuality and your own interests. You can’t always sacrifice the needs of yourself based on what is best for the system as a whole.

While you may have this big idea in your head about the perfect career, the perfect education, sometimes you’re going to need a time out to check in with yourself, what you want for yourself. Sometimes your feelings are going to collide with what you want, and this is a healthy grounding thing for you. You can’t be everything your ambition is telling you, and you’ll need to make room for yourself and build on your own needs and talents in order to build sustainable happiness in your ambition.

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