Thinking Judging – The System Intelligence

Thinking Judging is typically used when we consider our plans and goals. Using Thinking Judging, we get a grasp of long-term events and what could happen over time. We see ways to design or build something that will last for a longer time. We set frameworks and come up with blueprints and plans for what to do or how to do something productively. 

Typically, Thinking Judging works as a kind of System Intelligence. It helps us understand how a system works or could work and what goals are feasible and what resources we need to see a goal through to the end. 

Nickname: The Architect
Found in flow types: INTJ, ISTJ, ENTJ, ESTJ
Cognitive function: Thinking Judging
Primary domain: The Goal
System Intelligence
Body language: Fixed and tense upper lips
Key terms: Productive, Serious, Constructive, Structured, Strategic

The Architect Type

As an Architect, what you are looking for is translating your long-term goals by coming up with good and solid plans. Your goal is to find resources and strategies that can help you get where you need to go in a quick and productive manner. You’re typically serious and like to think in terms of goals and how well you are meeting your own goals or values. 

What you will typically find is that you wrestle what your feelings tell you in the situation to say or do, vs what you know rationally long term is the right decision. You may struggle to know if you will meet your goals or not or if you will be capable of seeing your plans through. Thinking Judging types can feel stressed by their feelings and their perceiving side. It can be hard to deal with negative emotional feedback or resistance from other people, or to know people won’t go along with your plan for various personal reasons. 

What you will find is you are working to go from someone who sees how your life could be designed to someone knowing how to design your life, to someone who has successfully been able to build the life you want for yourself. What you will find is it may not always be easy and that you need to find good ways of dealing with your own and others feelings about something alongside your ambitious goals and projects.