Thinking Perceiving – The Game Intelligence

The Thinking Perceiving type is passionate about finding the best tactical route or method to solve a problem. Focusing on efficiency and execution in the moment, what is the best course of action, decision, or call to make? Thinking and Perceiving types value skill and developing skills and tools they can use to deal with any situation with as little effort and as good results as possible. 

The Thinking Perceiving type has the highest game intelligence and because of this the core goal is to hold up or measure different decisions based on their efficiency or value. Thinking Perceiving shows its value when we are bartering or trading with other people. What do you want? How much can you get it for? By turning things into a game and applying tactics, how quickly can you finish the game, how many moves can you make?

Nickname: The Hacker
Found in flow types: ISTP, ESTP, INTP, ENTP
Cognitive function: Thinking Perceiving
Primary domain: The Correct
Game Intelligence
Body language: The Tester Expression
Key terms: Skillful, Tactical, Clever, Diagnosing, 

The Hacker Type

Core value: Skill

As a Hacker, one of the most important things is the development of skill and a sense of skill and ability in everyday tasks and situations. The thinking and perceiving type wants to know they have done a good job and that they are performing well in different situations. The goal is to always have a solution to obstacles and a way around issues we can encounter at work, when we might be late to work, or when something comes up in a relationship.

So the thinking and perceiving type can seek to approach the world diagnostically. What is wrong, what can be done better, what can be improved upon? Thinking focuses on what we do, how we act, and what tools and resources we use. Perceiving is an adaptable function so it weighs and studies the options and decisions we can make in a situation. The goal is to identify the quickest and easiest route to solve a problem. 

As a Thinking and Perceiving type, social dynamics can be difficult at times. You may at times break social etiquette because you are trying to think critically about a situation. Your advice can at times be interpreted as harmful when in reality you are just trying to solve the issue at hand. Diplomacy can be a stressor for you and can feel like a pressure. To have to think not just about what is best but also how to get other people to go along with your decision. That’s a real difficulty.