Thinking Perceiving (The Game Intelligence)

The Hacker is a type that believes rules and laws and systems are always up for discussion. Thinking playfully about mechanics, systems, and data, they come up with alternative methods to solve problems. The Thinking Perceiving Type is focused on building the necessary skills to deal with problems and overcome obstacles. They think up arguments and reasons to do things differently.

Tp then is a cognitive function that in flow makes you like a hacker rewriting the rules and systems and their basic functions or using them to your advantage. Under stress, you worry about missing social cues and accidentally upsetting or offending others. (Fj-) Ideally, you have an environment that provides ample and adequate challenges for you. (Tj+) You need a system that provides control that you can challenge and question and test your wits against.

Nickname: The Hacker, The Player
Found in flow types: ISTP, ESTP, INTP, ENTP
Cognitive function: Thinking Perceiving
Game Intelligence

The Hacker Type

As a Hacker, one of the most important things is the development of skill and a sense of skill and ability in everyday tasks and situations. The thinking and perceiving type wants to know they have done a good job and that they are performing well in different situations. The goal is to always have a solution to obstacles and a way around issues we can encounter at work, when we might be late to work, or when something comes up in a relationship.

So the thinking and perceiving type can seek to approach the world diagnostically. What is wrong, what can be done better, what can be improved upon? Thinking focuses on what we do, how we act, and what tools and resources we use. Perceiving is an adaptable function so it weighs and studies the options and decisions we can make in a situation. The goal is to identify the quickest and easiest route to solve a problem. 

As a Thinking and Perceiving type, social dynamics can be difficult at times. You may at times break social etiquette because you are trying to think critically about a situation. Your advice can at times be interpreted as harmful when in reality you are just trying to solve the issue at hand. Diplomacy can be a stressor for you and can feel like a pressure. To have to think not just about what is best but also how to get other people to go along with your decision. That’s a real difficulty. 

Thinking Perceiving – The Game Intelligence

In flow, you’re effortlessly thinking up solutions and methods to solve problems and perform well at different tasks and mechanics. INTPs, ENTPs, ISTPs and ESTPs all excel at using thinking and perceiving in a way that is stress free and gives a natural sense of accomplishment and pride.

In stress, however, you become too worried by how you come across to others. You may give up a game early, letting other people win, because you are afraid they will feel you are too arrogant or too competitive. You fear that by being too good at something, you will bring on judgement or shame from others. Ideally, you’re eager to prove yourself, beating your competition and always staying one step ahead of everyone else. But what if you play too far ahead and you risk social retribution from others?