Positive values are the things we do that put us in a more positive state. For example, we can feel free, and we can feel happy and relaxed because we are free. But not all people will respond to the same values, and some will not feel anything about being free. Some will feel mildly positive towards something, and some will feel mostly neutral about it. This depends on your flow type.

What makes you feel at peace? 

Some experiences provide us with a state of peace and make us feel relaxed and positive. One of the below four values will induce this state in you. 


To be able to move and to make new turns and to explore different things. To be able to speak freely and to say what you want at any given time. Freedom is a strong value for curious types (ENXX), that have learnt to associate freedom with the opportunity to explore.

Extraverted intuition


To be private, to have your own world apart from other people. To form your own thoughts and ideas without anyone observing your process. Privacy is unusually strong in private types (INXX), as it is associated with free thinking. 


Introverted iNtuition


To be able to have an experience, to feel, see, touch, or hold something. To be in rich environments where things happen. ESXX types have a disposition towards being present.

Extraverted Sensing


To be able to wait before you do something. To stop and think. To preserve and save things for later. To know you have something for tomorrow. ISXX types have a disposition towards being calm.
Introverted Sensing

What makes you feel brave?

What makes you feel like you’ve moved forward in life? What makes you feel positive about the future? Four values have to do with this experience. People who have strong instincts (XSXP) have a disposition towards valuing Action. People who show strong self-control (XSXJ) tend to value discipline. And people with a more focused disposition (XNXJ) tend to show strong independence. 


To be able to do things, to have things happen around you. Wanting an active and stimulating life, things to do. To be able to do things, to push buttons, to try things out. 

Sensing Perceiving


To show restraint and control in your actions and your behaviour. To do things according to a schedule or to push yourself to do things for your health or for a sense of routine. 
Sensing Judging


To be able to make changes in a situation, to identify alternatives and options, to make additions and edits and to look at things from another viewpoint, to be able to disagree.

Intuitive Perceiving


To be able to take an independent course of action, to do things in your own way. To do something original, that nobody else has done. To walk an unfamiliar path towards the future
Intuitive Judging

What makes you feel good about yourself?

Some values have to do with what we feel good about doing. What we feel proud about having done and what we think is an inherent accomplishment. 


To be able to form your own opinion and to have your own perspective on truth, to be able to speak your own mind and to be able to understand the truth and values of others. 

Feeling Perceiving


To be able to do something you personally think is kind or good. To have a positive impact and to be a good influence for others. To live by your values and your code of conduct.
Feeling Judging


To be able to improve at something, to develop skills and to master tools. To become really good at something. To learn to do something with efficiency, swiftly and accurately.

Thinking Perceiving


To reach a goal or an ambition. To make moves towards a goal. To reach plans and target goals on the way, and to work hard towards something. 
Thinking Judging

What is inherently satisfying? 

Everyone has one core value that is inherently satisfying to them. Whenever they achieve this value, they feel as if they have gained something that is important for its own sake. Satisfaction is beyond holding something important, feeling fulfilled and satisfied by it, it is enough as it is.


To understand how the material reality works, to evaluate something with critical thinking and to learn the truth about something. To know how something works or how to do something. 

Introverted Thinking


To achieve material goals, status, money, or power. To have and to hold power in your hands.  To control material reality and to find and possess things that matter, and to be able to use it to your advantage. 
Extraverted Thinking


To understand how the material reality works, to evaluate something with critical thinking and to learn the truth about something. To know how something works or how to do something. 

Introverted Feeling


To have a passionate and vibrant life. To have good things around you and to have close relationships and to experience positive and rich emotions. To feel connected to the world in some way.
Extraverted Feeling

Try exploring these values in your personal life. See which produce a stronger and more positive response in you. Find outlets for your core values in your daily life and try to focus on pursuing positive values rather than avoiding negative values.