INFxs are often highly sensitive, empathetic types who enjoy introspection, privacy and daydreaming.

INFP - The Rebel

Fill the role of rebels in our society, going against norms and asking questions about what is right and wrong

INFJ - The Leader

Fill the role of leaders in our society, set a positive example for other people to follow, focused on morality and right and wrong.

INFP The Healer

Use Introverted Feeling to go inside and make sense of their own feelings and values, find strength in self-awareness

INFJ  The Philosopher

Use Introverted iNtuition to detach from a situation and to understand it more theoretically. Find strength in being able to explain things.

INFP Consistency

Strong Introverted Sensing users. Show consistency and character, inspire respect and have a strong duty & sense of responsibility.

INFJ Critical Thinking

Strong Introverted Thinking users. Deal with life scientifically and use critical thinking to improve themselves and their skill-sets. 

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