XNFPs are often very authentic and self-expressive types with a strong sense of right and wrong.

INFP The Counsellor

Take on the role of counsellors and use empathy to relate to and understand others.

ENFP The Advocate

You fill the role of advocates and speak out for what is morally right and just. You don't let wrongs rest undisturbed.

INFP The Healer

Use Introverted Feeling to go inside and make sense of their own feelings and values, find strength in self-awareness

ENFP Extroverted iNtuition

Use Extroverted iNtuition to speculate on future events and to make a plan to execute their ideas. Find flow in realising new ideas and possibilities.

ENFP  Extroverted Thinking

Strong Extroverted Thinking users. Deal with life empirically and think practically about how to get the right results.

INFP Introverted Sensing

Strong Introverted Sensing users. Show consistency and character, inspire respect and have a strong duty & sense of responsibility.

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