INXPs are inquisitive, theoretically-inclined types that see creative ways to improve their environment. 



INFP The Counsellor

FPs: Are our journalists and reports who tell stories about ethical issues and how we should live and treat one another.

INTP The  Debater

Take the role of Debaters who weigh pro’s and con’s and show us our options and the tactical advantages of different decisions. 

INFP The Healer

Use Introverted Feeling to go inside and make sense of their own feelings and values, find strength in self-awareness

INTP Introverted Thinking

Use Introverted Thinking to reflect on our different decisions and processes to determine smarter ways to take action.

INFPs Extroverted Thinking

Stressed by Extroverted Thinking. Do not like to be pushed or told what to do. Can sometimes lash out against leadership and society.

INTP Extroverted Feeling

Stressed by Extroverted Feeling. Do not like to be coerced or manipulated by other people. Find social expectations stressful. 

What type are you?