What Are The Best INTJ Careers For You?

The INTJ is able to at their best apply their skills excellently and with diligence and hard work. They’re independent and have an eye for entrepreneurship. They’re ambitious and task-oriented and can set their emotions aside to focus on a goal. So what career should you go into as an INTJ to feel flow and fulfilment in work? I’ve listed six things you’ll be exceptionally good at. Then, I’m also going to list four sectors you should consider for the sake of growth.

In black, sectors you’ll do exceptionally well in. In white, sectors you should keep near you to improve your effectiveness and growth.

1. The Academic Sector

For introverted iNtuitives

If your workplace doesn’t offer some kind of theoretical framework or some level of complexity, you’re not going to enjoy or have fun at your work. Intellectual stimulation is A and O to an INTJ no matter what they do, otherwise they will feel that their mind is going to start to rust. Academic careers are always preferable to practical careers but any career that works with big systems, theories, or has a philosophical or academic aspects is going to be a good fit for you.

2. The Sciences Sector

For introverted thinkers

The sciences sector will allow you to apply a critical reasoning and will give you a logical process and rules to follow. If your workplace applies a scientific formula, data, testing, and clean systems, you’re going to be the master of that system. You’re excellent at applying technical methodologies to improve efficiency. You’re good at improving and fixing systems to ensure they work at their optimal efficiency.

3. The Business Sector

For thinking & judging types

A business or professional environment is going to be better for you as an INTJ. A place where people all abide by an etiquette and where everyone is working their hardest to offer the best possible service and to make the best possible impression.

4. The Independent Sector

For intuitive & judging types

Think entrepreneurship and independent positions as a consultant or as an agent with free control. Your workplace is going to want to offer you maximum independence and power over your own job to truly excel at what you do. Here, the plus side is you’re not going to have to explain or run any of your ideas by anyone else. You don’t need to get their permission. You’re free to try out new things and to truly focus on an idea without anyone trying to micromanage or control your process.

5. The Creative Sector

For Introverted & Judging types

INTJs are excellent creative types, good developers, programmers. You are people that can design and realise ideas through careful and hard work and dedication. You will see images and pictures and possibilities and then you can steel yourself towards realising and making these ideas happen. Typically, the INTJ will be good at everything, because it will support their chances to be independent. The rest, they will know how to outsource.

6. The Innovation Sector

For iNtuitive & Thinking types

The innovation sector is where people go to realise ideas and improve on and innovate on technology and systems. Here, you find people that have new tech and people with critical mind. You’ll be able to employ your INTJ skills to analyse and think about efficiency and productivity.

Best INTJ Jobs For Growth

These areas will bring you slightly outside your comfort zone, but they’re still worth considering. If nothing else, you should keep these sectors close to you, because they’ll offer potential and chances that you might otherwise miss out on.

1. A job in the Ideas Sector

The ideas sector is going to offer you plenty of variation and change. This is going to be an open environment. A place with lots of crazy ideas and projects, and you’re going to be the person that can bring balance in the chaos and manage the process.

2. A job in the leadership sector

You’re not going to naturally like to be in charge, but if you can work closely to leadership position. Here, you can offer critical and valuable feedback in these environments, leading from the background, you will have more success.

3. A job in the Tech Sector

This kind of environment will offer you plenty of tech and tools to work with and improve on. This kind of environment will show you future possibilities and innovation, tools and tech that you can sell or market or use to be more effective. A job that brings you closer to these kinds of environments is going to mean good business for you.

4. A job in the discovery sector

If you work in new areas and fields, you’re going to be closed to novelty and next generation possibilities. These kinds of environments will allow you a practical complexity and crazy ideas and it will force you to take a few risks once in a while. But if you can bet on the next idea. And if you can predict the future, and can speculate and invest in the right thing, it’s going to pay off.